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CivFusion 0.75 2016-10-05

CivFusion 0.75

  1. ripple01
    CivFusion by ripple01
    Beyond The Sword 3.19
    v. 0.75

    Forum Thread: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=250745


    --1) New Civilizations


    Leaders: Franz Josef, Maria Theresa
    Unique Unit: Grenzer (replaces Rifleman): +100% Defense vs. Rifleman
    Unique Building: Opera House (replaces Theatre): +1 culture, +2 happiness


    Leaders: David, Solomon
    Unique Unit: Slinger (replaces Archer): +15% City Defense
    Unique Building: Kotel (replaces Walls): +1 happiness, additional +2 happiness if state religion is present in city


    Leaders: Mursilis, Suppiluliuma
    Unique Unit: Huluganni (replaces Chariot): +50% vs. Melee units
    Unique Building: Iron Forge (replaces Forge): +25% hammers with Iron


    Leaders: Casimir III, Sobieski
    Unique Unit: Husaria (replaces Cuirassier): Starts with Blitz promotion
    Unique Building: Folwark (replaces Granary): +1 food


    Leaders: Kamehameha, Salamasina
    Unique Unit: Koa (replaces Warrior): +1 combat strength, +25% vs. Melee units
    Unique Building: Fishery (replaces Lighthouse): +1 food, +1 happiness from Fish


    Leaders: Mongkut, Ramkhamhaeng
    Unique Unit: Kwaan Chaang (replaces War Elephant): +50% vs. Melee units
    Unique Building: Ho Trai (replaces Library): +10% science

    --2) New Leaders

    All civs now have at least 2 leaders.

    4 leaders

    America - Andrew Jackson
    China - Kangxi, Taizong
    England - Henry VIII
    France - Joan Of Arc
    Rome - Trajan, Caligula
    Russia - Ivan IV

    3 leaders

    Arabia - Harun al-Rashid, Abu Bakr
    Celtia - Vercingetorix
    Egypt - Cleopatra
    Ethiopia - Haile Selassie, Makeda
    Germany - Hitler
    Greece - Leonidas
    India - Akbar
    Japan - Hirohito, Meiji
    Mongolia - Tamerlane
    Native America - Hiawatha, Geronimo
    Ottoman - Ataturk
    Persia - Xerxes
    Spain - Philipp II, Franco

    2 leaders

    Aztec - Atotoztli
    Babylon - Nabuchadrezzar II
    Byzantium - Theodora
    Carthage - Dido
    Dutch - Johan de Witt
    Holy Roman - Charles V
    Inca - Pachacuti
    Khmer - Jayavarman VII
    Korea - Sejong
    Maya - Smoke Jaguar
    Mali - Sundiata Keita
    Portugal - Afonso Henriques
    Spain - Franco
    Sumer - Sargon
    Viking - Canute
    Zulu - Cetshwayo

    --3) New & Revised Leader Traits

    Each leader in CivFusion has a unique trait combination and all of the possible combinations are used.


    +10% Military Unit Production
    Enemies Suffer +25% War Weariness
    Double Production Speed of Colosseum


    No Anarchy
    +1 happiness from Monument and Broadcast Tower


    +25% World Wonder Production
    +2 culture/city
    Double Production Speed of Theatre


    +2 health/city
    50% Faster Production of Settler
    Double Production Speed of Granary


    2% Interest on Gold Reserves
    Begin the Game with a Cache of Gold
    Double Production Speed of Bank


    No Resistance in Captured Cities
    -50% Maintenance from Distance to Palace
    Double Production Speed of Jail


    +1 hammer on all plots with 3 hammers
    25% Faster Production of Worker
    Double Production Speed of Forge


    -25% Cost of Espionage Missions
    -50% Civic Upkeep
    Double Production Speed of Courthouse


    +50% Great Person Birth Rate
    +100% Golden Age Length
    Double Production Speed of University


    +100% Great General Emergence inside Cultural Borders
    Free Promotion (City Defense I, Drill I) to Melee, Archery units
    Double Production Speed of Walls, Castle


    +10% Research
    Double Production Speed of Library


    +1 Movement for Naval Units (with Astronomy)
    +1 Trade Routes in Coastal Cities
    Double Production Speed of Lighthouse, Harbor, Drydock


    +2 Espionage/city
    +25% Success Rate for Spy Missions
    50% Faster Production of Spy
    Double Production Speed of Intelligence Agency, Security Bureau


    +2 science/city
    Automatic Spread of State Religion to New and Captured Cities
    Double Production Speed of Temple


    Free Promotion (Combat 1) to Melee and Gunpowder units
    -25% Experience Needed for Promotions
    Double Production Speed of Barracks

    --4) New Music

    Every leader has a unique Early, Middle, and Late soundtrack, including those not provided with one by Firaxis (Ramesses, Darius, etc.).

    --5) New Unit & City Artstyles

    Varietas Delectat 6.1 and Ethnic Citystyles 1.4 are included and unit artstyles have been added for the new civilizations.

    --6) New Diplomacy Text

    ActualQuotes 4.0 is included, which provides diplomacy text for leaders based on historical quotes. First Contact text is included for all of the new leaders.