CIVGold 3.0 (Warlords) - patch for 2.13 2016-10-05

CIVGold 3.0 (Warlords) - patch for 2.13

  1. Wyz_sub10
    Fierabras deserves all the credit for his hard work in getting this done and squashing many bugs along the way. :goodjob:

    Re-added on Apr 15


    - Firaxis civilizations updated to 2.13
    - CIV Gold UU's and UB's updated to 2.13
    - Missing Firaxis first contact texts added
    - Missing CIV Gold first contact texts added (Ho Chi Minh, Karl XII, Robert the Bruce)
    - Albanian UB fixed
    - Brule warroir CTD fixed
    - Highlander combat animation fixed
    - Missing UB strategy texts added
    - Missing unit formations added (Mohawk Archer, Moorish Cavalry, Kopassus, Qimuksiit)
    - Missing multilingual text tags added for French, German, Italian, Spanish
    - Missing special characters fixed

    Install instructions:

    - Extract ZIP to C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords\Mods\CIV Gold3\Assets