CiVI Reformation Victories

CiVI Reformation Victories 1.5.2

Version 1.5.2 which includes a fix for the endless wait issue caused by the Fall patch and German translations provided by mecheltech.
Version 1.5.1 has the following changes:
  • Updated mod to fix issues introduced by latest patch.
  • Added 3 new policies (War footing, Protectionism and Foreign Aid).
  • Added the Industrial Victory type.
Industrial Victory
  • Earn 5 Great Engineers for your civilization.
  • Have the highest industrial output city with a minimum of 100 production per turn.
  • Complete the 3 National Railway projects.
Patch 1.4.3 fixes the following issues:
  • Fixes a typo that prevented the major civs label in the Diplomatic victory tab from being ticked when victory conditions were met.
  • Fixes an issue with resource icons for languages other than English on the Economic victory tab.
Thanks to Auda for the heads up on these issues.

This patch is compatible with saved games started with version 1.4 or higher.
Patch fixes the following issues with the Diplomatic victory.
  • Fixed project completion modifiers so envoys are rewarded correctly.
  • Fixed project complete check for the World Council so the victory can trigger and end the game. Seems I broke this in the 1.4 release :(
Version 1.4.2 is compatible with saved games which were started under version 1.4 or 1.4.1. Apologies for the slow turnaround on fixing these issues.
Version 1.4.1 changes the following:
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the Diplomatic victory from triggering due to the number of major players required including the current player.
Note: This update should be compatible with any saved game started using version 1.4
New in version 1.4
  • Mod no longer changes the ProductionPanel.lua file, as such this mod should now be fully compatible with Production Panel and CQUI mods and any other mod that alters that file.
  • New policies added to provide options when aiming for the Economic and Metropolis victories.
  • National Bank project changed to provide +4 gold for each Bank in your empire and a one off boost of 60 GPP towards a Great Merchant.
  • New project World Council provides +6 envoys.
  • New Diplomatic Victory.
  • Territorial Victory changed to a minimum of 35%.
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Spoiler :

Diplomatic Victory
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Version 1.3 includes the following changes:

1. The detailed tabs for the Economic, Metropolis and Territorial victories have been updated to present more information.
  • Economic tab shows GPT and the required target. This differs for each player as their amount is not counted in the target.
  • Civilization icons for each player you have a trade route to.
  • Resource icons for each luxury you have access to (farmed, mined, traded for).
  • Luxury resource condition text shows tooltip with luxuries you need to achieve victory.
Spoiler :

  • Metropolis tab now shows an icon for the happiness of the citizens of your largest city.
Spoiler :

  • Territorial tab shows a bar that represents the territory percentage of total territory claimed by all players.
  • Also shows a progress bar for the Telecommunications research.
  • New icon to highlight which player has the strongest military.
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2. The projects for all victories have been lowered to 600 production.

3.Overview for Territorial victory is based on your percentage of total land claimed by all players. (Used to be a combination of territory and military power, but I found it looked odd to have a leader with a small domain but a large military).

NOTE: If you want to use this with the Production Queue mod don't forget to change the ProductionPanel.lua file in my "\CiVI Reformation Victories v1.3\UI\Panels\" folder. Just follow the directions in the Readme.txt in that folder.
Version 1.2 changes:

  • The projects for the Economic, Metropolis and Territorial victories all now cost 1000 production.
  • New icons added to victories screen.
  • Endgame screen will now play a movie for the new victory types.
  • Endgame screen will now show the victory banner with the appropriate victory icon and banner colour.
  • Victory monument icons now displayed in tech and civics trees.
  • Victory monument icons now displayed in production screen.
  • Note: Economic victory requires the Capitalism civic to unlock the National Bank project.
  • Fully compatible with the Production Queue mod (version 0.1.6).
Includes extra ProductionPanel.lua to activate compatibility with Lozenged's Production Queue mod. Just follow the instructions in the ReadMe.txt in the UI\Panels\ folder if you want to use both mods together.
To get this to work with Lozenged's Production Queue mod you will need to follow the instructions in the ReadMe.txt file in the UI\Panels\ folder.

If you do not use the Production Queue mod then you do not need to make any changes.

Thanks to Lozenged for permission to include the Production Queue code :)
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