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Civic Infos Plus v0.2BtS 2016-10-05

Civic Infos Plus v0.2BtS

  1. Aussie_Lurker
    So here it is, Civic Infos Plus is finally, properly updated for Beyond the Sword (v3.19). For those not familiar with this ModComp, it adds a number of new tags that modders can use to alter their civics. These new tags can be seen below:

    Spoiler :

    I can't say, strongly enough, how thankful I am to TheLopez for getting the non-functioning tags working again (after they were working perfectly in warlords ;) ).
    Anyway, I really hope everyone finds this useful.

    Known issues: Some of the tags-for some odd reason-don't work when applied to the first tier civics (SpecialistExtraYields & the Building commerce & yield changes seem immune). Other than that, though, all tags are functioning properly.
    Additional. Note that I *will* be posting in-game images of the various tag effects within the next 2 days.



    1. civ4screenshot0001_Mx7.jpg
    2. civ4screenshot0002_dKr.jpg
    3. civ4screenshot0003_VLk.jpg
    4. civ4screenshot0004_O07.jpg
    5. civ4screenshot0005_rxP.jpg
    6. civ4screenshot0006_yTe.jpg