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Civics 'n' Stuff 2016-10-05

Civics 'n' Stuff

  1. Dryhad
    A mod mainly concerned with Civics. Contains the following:


    5 New Civics:
    Government - Oligarchy. Req Code of Laws. Medium Upkeep, +50% Food and Commerce in capital.
    Legal - Thought Control. Req Mass Media. High Upkeep, +2 free exp, 1 happiness per military unit in cities, -50% war weariness.
    Labor - Cybernetic. Req Robotics. Medium Upkeep, +100% science and culture.
    Economics - Corporatism. Req Corporation. High Upkeep, +1 trade route, -5 health, +10% commerce.
    Religion - Atheist State. Req Scientific Method. High Upkeep, no state religion, -2 happy for each non-state religion, +25% science, -50% culture.

    Universal Suffrage now doubles cottage growth and does not gold rush.
    Emancipation now gold rushes and does not double cottage growth.
    Decentralization renamed to Barter.
    State Property renamed to Planned.
    Theocracy requires Divine Right instead of Theology and also allows unlimited priests.
    Julius Caesar's favourite civic is now Oligarchy.


    Buddhism requires Literature instead of Meditation and also gives a free missionary.
    Monotheism requires Meditation instead of Polytheism.
    Priesthood costs 80 instead of 60 and the first to discover recieves a Great Prophet.

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