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Civics_Balancing_Mod_2W (For Warlords)-new update! 2016-10-05

Hi everyone. Well, I have made a fresh update of my civics balancing mod for Warlords. Aside from the changes listed here:

1) Organised Religion is now available with Priesthood, and Orthodox is available with Monotheism.

2) Priesthood now requires Mysticism, and is the requirement for both Polytheism and Meditation.

3) The functions of Parthenon and Pyramids have been exchanged. After all, the Greeks invented Democracy, so a Greek Wonder allowing all government civics simply makes more sense IMO.

I have also made the following changes/improvements:

1) Oligarchy now grants +2 hammers from fishing nets. This was based on a suggestion that many Oligarchies were from the Mediterranean, and thus Oligarchy should favour those with large coastal holdings. (if you disagree with this change, please feel free to say so :).)

2) I have removed emancipation, and replaced it with Conscription. This civic represents a number of different forms of 'forced labour'-both in the armed forces and Labour Farms and Labour Mines.

3) Now that conscription grants conscription, I have removed this ability from Nationhood. Now nationhood reduces war weariness and boosts city culture.

4) I have cleaned up all the civic texts in the civilopedia, as well as in the WLTKD's.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this mod :).

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