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Civilization 1 MODPACK 1.2

A modpack that will make your game look and feel like you're playing Civilization 1.

  1. Kasius Klej
    Civilization 1 MODPACK for CIVILIZATION II

    Release 1.2
    Dated: 14 March 2021

    For Civilization II - Multiplayer Gold Edition

    Author: JOHN VALDEZ and others

    with special thanks to civ fanatics
    Metro Polis, Blake and Kasius Klej
    and Dorian Crede and "TTG Guy"
    for their contributions to this patch


    Civ1 mod is a modification packet for Civilization II, that will make your game look and feel like you're playing civ 1.

    - Civilization 1 graphics, rules, game mechanics, technologies and world wonders
    - scenarios: Start on Earth, Alexander the Great, Crusades, Napoleon, American Civil War


    1. download and install Graphic modpack
    This step is optional. Graphic modpack includes intro movie, animated leadership and other ingame graphics that go well together with civ1 modpack.

    2. unzip Civ1 mod 1.2 folder into game SCENARIOS folder
    For example like this into c:\Program files\games\Civilization II MGE\SCENARIOS\Civ1 mod 1.2\

    3. run Civilization II

    4. play one of the scenarios that are in that folder