Civilization 4.5 2016-10-05

Civilization 4.5

  1. Olleus
    This is the latest version of civ 4.5. Alpha version 0.00.23, compatible with Warlords 2.08.
    This is nowhere near the finished product, but ast the moment contains revised morale and AI use of morale, as well as mini-upgrades. Go here for more info, and feel free to comment about any aspects that are included, or are to be included. Feedback is 100% vital for a mod to work.

    Please, please, please post on the thread about the gameplay. I am trying to balance everything at the moment, which is impossible to do if you can only play one game at a time. I need your feedback about bugs, balancing units (so that none are to strong or to weak) and about things which could be made more fun.

    If you are looking for the source, please pm me. It is not openly available to download, as it keeps changing.