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Civilization 5 Wonders Screensaver 2016-10-05

Civilization 5 Wonders Screensaver

  1. The_J
    This is a screensaver, with all the Civ5 wonder splash screens, which Nomair uploaded to our image gallery.

    All images in the screensaver will be resized to your current monitor resolution (note: This might lead to a bit blurriness and changes the height/width ratio a bit, but IMHO not dramatically).
    They will randomly change, with a 5 seconds intervall in between, and there's a fade through transition.

    Just download the file and unzip it. You'll get a scr file, and you have to right click on it to see somewhere the option "install", which should bring you to the normal Windows screensaver menu.


    1. scr_collage_5c1.jpg