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Civilization 6: Ethiopia v2.2

A Civilization 6 mod that adds the "Ethiopia" Civilization led by Haile Selassie.

  1. NerdByFate
    In this mod for Civilization 6, the Ethiopian Civilization, led by Haile Selassie, joins the worlds stage to defend from imperialism once more. Can you create a civilization to stand the test of time?
    Civilization Ability: Spirit of Adwa - +6 combat strength when fighting in friendly territory (considering buffing and would appreciate feedback +6 is now locked in ;) )
    Leader Ability: Pan Africanism - +30% border growth rate (stacks well with religious settlements)
    Unique Unit: Mehal Sefari - Replaces Infantry with +10 combat strength
    Unique Building: Stele - Replaces Monument and provides +2 faith along side +2 culture

    Added TSL support for Giant Earth, Greatest Earth, and Largest Earth (YnAMP).

    Source code on github


    1. screenshot1.png
    2. screenshot2.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. Das Capitolin
    Das Capitolin
    Version: v2.2
    I was very interested in adding the Ethiopia civilization to my vanilla Civ 6, but was disappointed to see Cleopatra as their figure in spite of Emperor Salassie pictured in the background. Seems lazy, when most other civ mods have custom figures.