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Civilization II-Game of Thrones Edition 3.2

Files to Turn Civ2 into GoT

  1. Civilization II-Game of Thrones Edition 3.0


    New Units Added
    8 Bonus Units Added along with their respective new techs
    -Personalized units discovered after all previous techs researched first
    Upgraded Terrain Graphics
    Minor Terrain performance and graphic changes
    Dragon Crafting Added (Spaceship feature)
    -Your house has discovered a dragon egg and must grow it to adulthood to cross the Sunset Sea and Beyond!
    (Habitation, Modules and Components replaced with its Dragon counterparts)
    White Walkers Added
    Barbarians converted to White Walkers led by the Night King!
    Stumbling upon abandoned castles could yield infantry that has been turned into a Wight!
    Played on hard, he will descend upon the Known World atop his Ice Dragon Viserion

    *Overall Game Balancing Issues Fixed

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