Civilization III Conquests Plus

Civilization III Conquest with most of the Conquests Scenarios units, buildings, techs, resources and wonders. Extra PTW WW2 units are also included.
There are [58 new units], [13 new wonders], [16 new building improvments], [63 new techs] and [8 new resources].

The basic premise of the mod is, that I wanted to add everything that comes packaged with the game.
That means there aren't any custom assets in this mod, this results in a consistent art style and makes every new addition fit together.

I have made a considerable effort to fit everything together and balance it as much as possible.
I have also edited Civilopedia extensively and tried to make sure everything is up to the Vanila game standards.
Finally, I have made some balance changes to some of the units and Civs.
Every change I made and new additions I made is explained on the Civilopedia.
Installation: Put both files in to [ Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Conquests] directory.
And launch the mod in the conquests section of the main menu.

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to ask.

Enjoy !
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  1. 2.03 Update

    Civilization III Conquests Plus 2.03 Update...
  2. 2.02 Hotfix

    Fixed the palace not spawning in the capital. As well as some building balance tweaks.
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    Civilization III Conquests Plus 2.01 Update...
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    The mod is Finished now.
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