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Civilization IV Remaster (aka Civ 6 tileset) 1.1

Modifies terrain and interface graphics to look more modern

  1. tomekum
    I fiddled a bit with graphics to make it look more modern. I thought that Civ VI tileset was easier to the eyes and so I made following tweaks:

    - Civ 6 like terrain textures (I based the tileset on Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn but I made it more smooth and changed the colors to be more vibrant and resemble Civ 6 tiles)
    - Lower mountains (I thought that lower mountains look better)
    - Smaller units size

    - Solid yield icons with black background to make it more visible (I based those on icons from Realism Invictus mod)
    - Removed transparency from menus and tooltips
    - changed menu color to more Civ VI like

    How to install:
    1. Unzip the archive using 7Zip
    2. Copy the "Civ IV Remaster" folder into C:/Steam/steamapps/common/Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword/Beyond the Sword/Mods/ folder where other mods are placed
    3. Run the game
    4. In the main menu click ADVANCED -> LOAD A MOD
    5. From the mods list select Civ IV Remaster and click OK
    6. Once the mod has been loaded you can play the game


    - smaller cities (like 66% of the original)
    - greener grasslands and plains
    - removed bottom middle interface background so more terrain is visible
    - faster camera scroll
    - camera is more isometric when zooming out

    - Updated plains texture to be more distinguishable from grassland

    - changed the texture for mountains to brownish and more detailed
    - fixed textures for grid view


    1. Civ IV_ Beyond The Sword 16.07.2021 16_33_54.png
    2. Civ IV_ Beyond The Sword 16.07.2021 16_34_16.png
    3. Civ IV_ Beyond The Sword 16.07.2021 16_34_52.png
    4. Civ IV_ Beyond The Sword 16.07.2021 16_40_33.png