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Civilization IV v1.74 Patch (PC) 2016-10-05

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Released on July 19, 2007

Change Notes:

# Cossack gets only 25% bonus versus mounted
# Can no longer upgrade Marines and SAM Infantry to Mech Infantry
# Fixed MP Retire crash
# MP - Can no longer bypass the delay timer
# Pitboss fix for the bug where you would not get the free tech from the Oracle if you were not online
# Fixed forced specialist bug
# Fixed bug preventing AI from building ICBMs
# Fixed exploit allowing you to build unique unit of a different civ by saving it in your build queue from a different game
# Game no longer crashes when you load a save with the diplomacy screen open
# First strike combat bug fix
# Fixed transported unit gifting bug
# Fixed pop-rush rounding bug
# Widescreen Laptop video resolution 1280x720 is supported
# Fixed multiple missions exploit from the same Great Person

You may need to install the latest version of directx 9.0c. Get it here.

Alternatively you can go to this page to download the full directx9.0c installer:
Changed the link to directx9c.. linked to an old version earlier.
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