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Civilization VI Mod Expansion Converter

Civilization VI Mod Expansion Converter v1.0.0

This utility converts outdated mods to be compatible with the latest Civilization VI expansion(s) by modifying their config.xml files.

This will not work for every mod in existence. This application will only successfully convert mods that meet the following criteria:

1. The mod uses an xml based config file.
2. The mod does not use any broken or deleted code (i.e. the mod worked in the first place).
3. The config file follows the same format as the base game's config file (most mods do, but I have encountered some that do not).
4. The config file does not exceed 100,000 characters.

Thanks for your understanding.

1. Extract the .zip file (using your choice of extraction software) to any location on your PC.

2. Open the "Civ6ModConverter" folder and find "Civ6ModConverter.exe". This is the file you will run to launch the application. Feel free to create a shortcut to it and place on your desktop (or anywhere else you'd like) so you don't have to weed through a bunch of assets to find it (or don't, it's up to you).

Congratulations, you have installed the Civilization VI Mod Expansion Converter.

1. Enter the path to your Steam installation (if you're using Windows, this will be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\" without the quotation marks unless you've changed it).

2. Select which mod(s) you'd like to convert (Note: these will be listed as config files), ignoring all files that have "Text" in the name (converting these wouldn't actually cause any errors as nothing would happen, but it will waste your fleeting time).

3. Select the expansion(s) you'd like to convert the selected mods to (these buttons are labeled with icons representing their respective expansions).

4. Click the convert button, and enjoy your freshly converted mods.

The source code for this application can be found here.

The entire creation of this application was recorded to be uploaded to YouTube in a series of videos called Programming Saturdays. You can watch the first episode here:

Thank you for your time!
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