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Civilopedia Charts + Civ Chooser 2016-10-05

Civilopedia Charts + Civ Chooser

  1. Atranox
    Version 2:
    - Updated typos & a few incorrect cells
    - Now contains the "Civ Chooser" Excel file (only compatible with Office 2007)

    This is a reference chart pertaining to much of the information found in the in-game Civilopedia. It also now contains a reference sheet that you can fill out that will mathematically determine the best civs & leaders for you (mostly for fun).

    Currently it contains 11 sheets of information:
    • AI breakdown - lists AI personalities and stats grouped by category
    • AI overview - contains a good bit of AI information, such as aggression levels, military unit production, and favorite civics.
    • Buildings - lists all generic buildings, production costs, stats, and bonuses
    • Overview - contains a leader overview, showing unique units, traits, and starting techs
    • Promotions - a table of all unit promotions
    • Techs - tables displaying the starting techs for every civ/leader
    • Traits - a condensed table display with all leader traits
    • Traits (full) - a larger list of all leader traits
    • Units - a table displaying all generic units, stats, and bonuses
    • Unique Buildings - a table showing how all unique buildings compare to the generic ones that they replace
    • Unique Units - a table showing how all unique units compare to the generic ones that they replace

    Here's a few screenshots of how the charts look:

    AI overview:
    Spoiler :

    Unit table:
    Spoiler :

    Unique unit table:
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    The download contains 2 Excel charts - an Excel 2007 and an Excel 1997-2003 sheet. These reference charts were made in Excel 2007, so it looks the best using Office 2007. It will open if you have the Office Compatibility Pack that Windows Update installs, though the colors will be off and some functionality will be lost. If you're using an older version of Excel, it would be best to use the 2003 file included in the download as well, as it will not look quite as discolored...though some functionality will still be lost such as table sorting.

    I'll be working on adding more sheets to the file as soon as I get time, such as Wwonders, tile statistics, etc.