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civIV Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire (RFRE) - b 2016-10-05

Here is beta1p10 of civIV RFRE for Warlords. This version focuses on bug fixes and economic stabilization. City growth is slower.

Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire is an attempt to follow history where possible. It is based on the civIII verion of RFRE, but with python scripting much more detail can be included. For example, Hannibal's army will attempt to take over most of Italia.

Art comes from anywhere I could find it Some button art was converted from civIII RFRE, and all units come from the downloads database, TAM, Amra's, TR, SPQR, and even a few of my own modifications. Specific credit is given in the releaseNotes.txt file.

If you are new to RFRE it is highly recommend you read the FAQ:
Parts are also available in-game in the Concepts section.

There are 4 private maps/scenarios:

* 275BC is the "full game". Although other civs than the Romans can be selected, it is only for debug purposes. RFRE is all about the Roman Empire!
* 200AD can actually be played as other civs, but this hasn't been tried much. Play it for 50 turns (to 300AD) to experience the Crisis of the Third Century. During this period:
- the economy collapsed
- Gaul/Hispania/Britania seceded to form the "Gallic Empire"
- the Palmyrene Empire seceded
- Moors invaded Aegyptus
- Germanics invaded Italia (Galia Cisalpinia really)
- The "Plague of Cyprian" (most likely smallpox) devastated the population
* 400AD is right after Theodosius split the empire, and right before the dam burst! Play as the ERE or WRE. Note that most barbarian alliances are with the WRE no matter who researches them.
* 500AD: Despite the collapse of the WRE, the ERE is in a good position to retake important land. This scenario still needs work, but is playable.


* This mod uses a 48 civ dll. There are 5859 plot in the map. This makes it on the slow side in terms of performance (unless you regularly play RoM, in which case it will seem very fast!).
* The archive is in 7zip format (, WinRar will also work, and possibly others), and it is in a single file (49 megs).
* The only language currently supported is English. Other languages will crash immediately due to missing text.
* For more recent content credit (eg art) see the Mods\RFRE.beta1p10\releaseNotes.txt file
* DELETE any previous version prior to unzipping the latest major version! Previous savegames are not compatible!

Here are the latest release notes:
Spoiler :
Beta.p9 -> Beta.p10 (November 2009)
1. XML changes:
a. Added 4th Consular army with Constantine
c. Pax Romana only provides +25% trade route yield, and no extra routes.
d. Got rid of Castra Hopilatorium and Castra Celtica. Units will instead require the native peoples building.
e. Got rid of UNITCLASS_SCIENTIST GP points
f. Gave Colosseum 1 more Gladiator point. Ludus +25% GPPs
g. Caravan House iConquestProb from 60 to 100 (never destroyed)
h. Increase iInflationPercent from 110 to 120 in civ4handicapinfo.
i. No more +1 happy/vassal
j. Cataphract 95 -> 125 hammers, 16 -> 13 combat
k. Added UNITAI_COLLATERAL for Hun horse archers
m. Stratiotes renamed to Skutatoi
n. Cataphracts renamed to Bucellarii
o. Commodus loses the organized trait
p. Changed CITY_GROWTH_MULTIPLIER from 2 to 5 (slower growth). eg) to go from size 3 to size 6 took 100 food, but now takes 144
city size 2 4 5
--------- --- --- ----
1 26 28 30
2 28 33 36
3 31 38 42
4 33 43 48
5 36 48 54
6 38 52 60
7 40 57 66
8 43 62 72
9 45 67 78
10 48 72 84

q. siege units can no longer pillage
n. chariot archers more limited

2. python:
a. Trajan's Column fix
b. Fixed Petra not being destroyed
c. treasury is capped at 20,000 gold
d. better empire split, <- to do!!!!!!
e. EREs treasury is split 60/40 with WRE when split
f. Worked around very odd problem with spawning the Masada defenders as part of the 1st Jewish Rebellion.
g. make some barbs proportional to roman strength <- to do!!!!!!
h. cannot enslave hero units
i. centerCamera() on "Army at Zama" units (does this work? - no)
j. Legio Scipionis will be recieved only after Hannibal captures his third objective city, instead of with the tech: Second Punic War - Part1.
k. Senatus building removed when obsolete to get rid of the 400% defense.
l. Fixed WRE not getting Limes promo
m. Auxilia Palatina displaced by alliances are converted to Limitanei
n. Added possiblity of defeated unit joining winner if they are from the same tribe originally
o. Fixed bugs in jewishRevoltII
p. Fixed not setting PersianCoolDownCounter when peace reached with Persia
q. Fewer barbs spawned in Africa.
r. The 1st Jewish revolt is against whoever happens to own Jerusalem in 66AD.
s. Boudica will revolt 20 turns after Eburacum is captured by the Romans. Eburacum is where Hadrian's Wall can be built.
t. Cataphracts no longer can enslave.

3. New artwork, etc:
Huns by Bakuel
Chariot Archers by ambrox62
Scrolling Civics Screen (BtS) by strategyonly, EmperorFool, The_J, God-Emperor, xienwolf

Other downloads:
"Beyond Roman Glory" modmod (art + music + pedia changes) by Ajidica

Filefront download mirror:

Latest The main changes are to align the 4th century techs so the game won't CTD due to these (ie if a WRE tech is reached, but WRE does not exist yet).
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