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CivNexus6 1.3.3

3D Graphics Tool for Civilization 6

  1. Civ Nexus Version 1.0.0

    New Features

    * Can now open Civ 5 .gr2 files - will immediately be resaved as .fgx files on load. Warning you will need to overwrite meshes from .br2 before these files will work properly in Civ 6.
    * Create Geometry/Animation (.geo/.anm) File will now create a .geo if the current file is a Model and a .anm file if the current file is an Animation.
    * Convert all .gr2 Files in Directory to .fgx/.anm can be used to batch convert Civ 5 .gr2 animations files to the .fgx/.anm pairs needed for Civ 6.
    * Create GeometrySet .xml for .ast can be used to autogenerate the <m_GeometrySet> entry in your .ast file for your .fgx model. Then all you need to do is hook up your Material name.
    * The class for .geo/.anm/GeometrySet export can be selected via the "Class" dropdown e.g. Unit, LandmarkModel, etc.
    * Materials can now be added, removed and reassigned. Only the name of the Material binding is really significant. Everything else is determined by the Asset .ast and Material .mtl metadata files.
    * Other minor tweaks and code tidy-up.
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