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CivNexus6 1.3.3

3D Graphics Tool for Civilization 6

  1. loadFromRemoteSources fix

    * Set loadFromRemoteSources to true in CivNexus6.exe.config
  2. Civ Nexus Version 1.0.0

    New Features

    * Can now open Civ 5 .gr2 files - will immediately be resaved as .fgx files on load. Warning you will need to overwrite meshes from .br2 before these files will work properly in Civ 6.
    * Create Geometry/Animation (.geo/.anm) File will now create a .geo if the current file is a Model and a .anm file if the current file is an Animation.
    * Convert all .gr2 Files in Directory to .fgx/.anm can be used to batch convert Civ 5 .gr2 animations files to the...
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  3. 0.2.2 (Fixed .nb2 export to include triangles from all Tri-Groups)

    * Fixed .nb2 export to include triangles from all Tri-Groups. This meant that some models had vertices imported into Blender without the triangle data to join them up.

  4. Update 0.2.1

    * Added "Save Geometry (.geo) File" which will create a .geo file for the currently loaded .fgx. Class is hard-coded to "Unit" at the moment so just edit the file afterwards if working with a different geometry type.
  5. 0.2.0 Update (Adds BR2 Import and Mesh Overwrite)

    BR2 Import and Overwrite Functionality is now working!

    To use it first export your a rigged model from Blender via the .br2 script. I would recommend exporting from Blender 2.7x even if you are working in Blender 2.49 as Blender 2.7x exports binormals and tangents for vertices which should make for smoother looking meshes.

    Then you have two options:
    1) Use "Open BR2" to load both skeleton and mesh data from the .br2 file.
    2) Make a copy of the vanilla .fgx model that you have used...