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CivVIReplay 0.8 (Alpha)

Parse and view your .Civ6save files

  1. keride
    Analyse, learn, progress with this tool by replaying your game and look over your opponent strategies.

    Load one or multiple saves and explore the state of the turn.

    Menu -> Open if you want to load a single save
    Menu -> Open Directory and select a folder. If you want to look at your whole game, setup your game by saving each turn and load the auto (located usually at "..Document\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Saves")

    Current Features
    - map (tiles with terrain, natural wonders, resources ...)
    - units (position, health, level, army, ...)
    - cities (position, health, border, walls, yields, population, governor, ...)
    - districts and wonders (position)
    - leaders and true colors
    - minimap

    Future Features
    - Science and research
    - Culture and civics
    - City states and envoys
    - Diplomacy
    - Roads
    - Fog of war

    To avoid cheating in multiplayer games, if your save is too recent it won't load. Please wait a little bit and retry later.

    Although it has been tested in dozens of games, it is still in alpha and there may be parsing bugs. If it happens please send me the save in error !


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    2. civ6replay.png
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