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Cold War II 2016-10-05

Cold War II

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello everybody!
    The year is 2018 and the apolictical world war III has ended two years ago.
    The result, as I anticipated in the WWIII description, has been simple. There were no winners. Just billions of people dead.
    The only positive thing for the allied team was that Russia has been defeated and the western side has been occupied. The free side, turned to comunism and joined to the ex allied of the WWIII, China.
    As I said, the only positive thing was the partial defeat of Russia, because the other things went bad for the allied:
    India, Japan, Taiwan, Korea were totally invaded by China, while Thailand, an ex-allied of the new axis force joined to China.
    Now there is a big new cohalition: the Asian Federation formed by China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and India. Allied to it there is the Eastern Russia and the new born Arabian Federation.
    So, this time the divided country is Russia, and the "WALL OF YEKATERINBURG" devides the two sides of Russia.
    On the other hand, Europe, North America, the capitalist Western Russia and Australia merged to a cohalition to be prepared in a case of a new attack.
    To conclude this scenario description, the whole South America and the whole Africa formed respectively the South American Federation and the African Federation and merged in a cohalition (really similar to the Southern Empire in Next War scenario, without middle east).
    Now the situation between the two faction is really cold and can turn into the World War IV!!!!

    P.S. I am giving to you the mod too, because I did several changes to the original World 2013, whose I give many thanks to the authors, here the changes:

    - the nukes are now limited (2 ICBM's and 4 Tactical Nukes, per civilization)
    - the battle mechs and dreadnougt are now unlimited, to give a better feeling of a future war; their strenght has been increased too.
    - New leaders added
    - The Project SDI has been substituted with the Space Battlestation, which is able to intercept the 97 per cent of the nukes, turning them obsolete missles!!

    Here is the download link


    Have fun


    1. african_leader_2wh.jpg
    2. eastern_russia_leader_9h6.jpg
    3. european_leader_Ni0.jpg
    4. south_american_leader_FUT.jpg
    5. western_russia_leader_eOs.jpg
    6. arabian_federation_M20.jpg
    7. asian_federation_hx5.jpg
    8. north_american_federation_dhm.jpg
    9. oceanian_federation_oad.jpg
    10. russian_scenario_97M.jpg
    11. south_american___african_cohalition_T7H.jpg