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Cold War on New Terra 2016-10-05

Cold War on New Terra

  1. lindsay40k
    Do you like my New Terra map, with its prettyful scenery, landmarks, and aim to reconcile game balance with historical flavour?

    Do you want to have a clash of civilisations, with the American, Russian and Chinese Empires squabbling to bury one another, colonise the stars, monopolise world trade or unite the people whilst everyone else tries to keep their heads down and not get liberated into oblivion?

    Well, here you go!

    The three playable civs are all led by Industrious leaders, and none of the minor factions have IND, so you've no excuses if the Great Wall, Kremlin or Pentagon that is rightly yours gets built by some obscure tribe or puppet state.

    It is much easier for the New and Old Worlds to meet and trade without advanced seafaring than in regular New Terra - we want international relations to begin souring before the Renaissance to ensure a nice, hostile Atomic Age.

    To play this map: download, unzip, find the Civ4BTS folder in your Documents, open Saves > Worldbuilder and drop it in. It will now be a Scenario you can play in single or multi.

    This is intended to be a three player map; it's assumed human intelligence will see the three major powers take over the world. If you want to play single player, it's recommended to pop into WorldBuilder and give your two would-be rivals some tech or unit advantages to ensure they're dominant when the nukes start flying.

    This is an Ancient Era start; a large degree of the scenario depends on the players approaching things in role. A Modern Era start is on my to-do list.

    There's elements about this map that are a little experimental; if you've any feedback, please post it here.

    Version 1.3: Chinese start area tweaked, South American geography correction, various sites tinkered. 15.Nov.2012


    1. ishot_587_SXE.jpg
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