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ColdWar Tupolev Tu-95 strategic jet bomber 2016-10-05

ColdWar Tupolev Tu-95 strategic jet bomber

  1. ArdRaeiss
    From Wikipedia Tupolev Tu-95:
    "The Tupolev Tu-95 (NATO reporting name Bear) is the most successful Tupolev strategic bomber and missile carrier from the times of the Soviet Union, still in service as of 2006 and expected to remain in service with the Russian Air Force until at least 2010. The Bear is powered by four Kuznetsov turboprop engines, each driving contra-rotating propellers, and remains one of the fastest propeller-driven aircraft ever built."
    Big aircraft with 8 propellers. Simple texture, no details. Simple animation. No damage states. :( Sum - good unit because he can ruin anything you want to be ruined. :)

    Model: new, 1454 polys(incl. props)
    Texture: new, 2 version(metallic "USSR" and "Generic")
    Animation: custom, use Tu-95.kfm
    Effects: Civ4
    Sounds: Civ4
    Shadow: modified, use included stealthbombershadow.nif
    Scale: fscale=0.6
    Icons: 4 versions.

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