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Colonialist Legacies' Canadian Dominion for VP 24

Adds Colonialist Legacies' Canada into VP. Does not require the BNW base mod

  1. pineappledan
    Adds Canada -- led by Lester B. Pearson -- to Civilization 5.

    A modified version of Colonialist Legacies' Canada, made compatible for use with Vox Populi/Community Balance Patch

    UA - Northwest Passage
    UB - Hudson's Bay Company
    UU - Coureur des Bois

    More details found in the discussion thread here

    • dariusofwest: War Music - "O Canada!" (Custom Composed Music)
    • Edmonton Symphony Orchestra: Peace Music - "O Canada"
    • Janboruta: Leaderhead and Icons
    • Neirai: XML, Lua and Concept
    • TPangolin: Art, Concept
    • Charlatan Alley: Voice Acting
    • Viregel: Civilopedia Entries
    • LastSword: Lua Help
    • Scapegrace: Decisions concepts
    • Mewr11: Decisions code
    • RawSasquatch: Hudson's Bay Company icon
    • Regalman: Map
    • Leugi: Icons
    • pineappledan: CBO compatibility
    • Enginseer: help with lua
    • Wolfdog: Expeditionary Force unit model
    • Mikeburnfire: Hockey Rink icon
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Recent Reviews

  1. Kim Dong Un
    Kim Dong Un
    Version: 13
    Dan prioritized this over to VP as a personal request of mine. He did a great job tweaking and removing prior bugs to get compatibility. I can't thank him enough.