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Colonialist Legacies' Canadian Dominion for VP 19

Adds Colonialist Legacies' Canada into VP. Does not require the BNW base mod

  1. icon atlas bugfix

    fixed an issue with the icon atlas
  2. Canada Day Promotion Patch

    Updated the icon art for the unique promotions
    Happy Canada Day!
  3. text fix

    minor lua text fix
  4. QOL changes

    removed print notifications cluttering the lua log
    UA and HBC now give yields to city garrisons, in addition to units in forts and citadels
    re-worked the notification for HBC. Now fires from UA and accurately summarizes all yields from fortified units
  5. VP 03-14 compatibility

    VP 03-14 compatibility
    Enlightenment Era Compatibility
  6. hockey rink fix

    hockey rink faith purchase fix
  7. dependencies update & optimization

    slight code optimization
    dependencies fix for 4UC
  8. VP 12-18 compatibility

    VP 12-18 patch compatibility. No other changes.
  9. Hockey Rink Faith Cost

    Hockey Rinks can now be purchased with Faith if Faith of the Masses is unlocked.
  10. bug fixes and rebalance

    • Colonial capitalism increased back to 2:c5gold:2:c5culture: every turn
    • Unique ability now works, even if the AI is playing Canada!
    • Increased Expeditionary Force's unique promotion to +35% on attack and vs fortified (up from 25% each)
    • Changed name of unique promotion to "Byng's Boys"
    • Removed Gold maintenance from Hockey Rink
    • increased :c5influence: on construction to 20
    • Increased :c5culture:/:c5gold: per citizen to 1:c5gold::c5culture::1:c5citizen: