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Colonization of Africa Historical Mod from Dickins 2016-10-05

Colonization of Africa Historical Mod from Dickins

  1. bryantt
    The Dickinson College Colonization of Africa mod is an exciting way to explore the different forces at play which allowed for the colonization of the continent in the 1880s. The game includes Africa and Western Europe. The map of Africa more closely follows the actual physical characteristics, whereas Western Europe is a bit exaggerated to accommodate the logic of the game. Other aspects of the various civilizations model history as closely as possible. Military units are based on actual proportions, as are population numbers and “gold” (as represented by historical Gross Domestic Products).

    Most included civs are playable with the notable exception of the Mahdist army. The Mahdistsi have been included as a civ but represent something between a civ and a city state. They have no reachable cities (their only city sits behind a mountain range in the middle of the ocean). This is because the Mahdists historically were a powerful military force without much political organization. There are other unique features in the game. My favorite of these is that in the year 1890, all of the cows die to represent the formidable livestock disease, the rinderpest. Also, European forces lose health for every turn that they are in the jungle to represent the dangers of malaria.

    Some features:
    Playable civs: the Zulu, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Ethiopia, the Boers, Morocco, Portugal
    Playable from 1876-1912 with turns every month to represent historically accurate travel time!
    New Great Merchants, who have the powers of a Merchant of Venice to purchase city states, something akin to Cecil Rhodes
    New policy trees including Economics, Militarism, Piety (same title as typical civ tree but with different content), and Expansion.
    New proto-machine gun, Maxim Gun, units for all European civilizations
    Barbette Battleships, ironclads with ranged strength, for the naval powers!

    Check the ReadMe file with underlying research at http://bit.ly/1x3sqsP

    When you download the mod, be sure to also place the maps in your Maps folder, usually under My Games