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Colonization Scenario 2016-10-05

Colonization Scenario

  1. jtb1127
    Special Thanks to Revoran for the map.
    A scenario based on the European colonization of the new world and Africa. Starting in the year 1400 AD, you may play as one of the three Euopean powers; England, France, or Spain, in a quest to conquer the world. You have 300 turns to gain the highest score and compete against your foes. Other playable civilizations are Germany as the Wars of Religion wage in Central Europe. As well as the Aztec, Inca, Iroquios, and Songhai in their attempts to fend off the invading Europeans.

    Recomended mods: "Puppet Empires" for unlimited colonization and "End at Renaissance"


    1. colonization_screenshot1_4W7.png
    2. screenshot_inca_v1o.png
    3. spain_conquest_7KD.png
    4. spain_screenshot_un3.png