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Colony Improvement 2016-10-05

Colony Improvement

  1. KnelRivendare
    [NOPARSE]Requires G&K[/NOPARSE]

    adds a new Improvement "Colony" it acts like the G&K Citadel but doesnt need to be build near your boarders its built by a Worker with "Economics" tech.

    Pedia: Colonie's act like Citadels they will Culture Bomb with one Tile radius but with the ability to be build outside borders so you can achieve a zone of Control on Resources without having to build a City on a unprofitable place or to just occupy a specific place in the world for Future use.

    now Consumes the Worker when built.


    1. civilizationv_2012_07_09_00_11_53_93_Qxz.jpg
    2. civilizationv_2012_07_09_00_12_15_48_2n3.jpg
    3. civilizationv_2012_07_13_01_50_51_40_Tx1.jpg
    4. civilizationv_2012_07_13_01_51_04_46_jog.jpg