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Colosseum and Amphitheatre 2016-10-05

Colosseum and Amphitheatre

  1. Sun Ce of Wu
    This mod changes the name of Colosseum and Amphitheater to make more historical sense, and adds two wonders: the Anfiteatro Flavio (the Colosseum of Rome) and the Theatre of Dionysus. Mod is in English and Italian, and it requires the Fall Patch (has custom audio)
    The Colosseum is now named Arena (only the Amphitheater of Rome was called Colosseum, and Arena is more culture-generic than Amphitheater)
    The Amphitheater is now named Theatre (since Amphitheaters were Roman places for gladiatorial games and public executions, rarely for theatrical plays)
    The Anfiteatro Flavio (the Colosseum): unlocks at ENGINEERING. Cost 300 production. +2 Culture, +4 Happiness, +2 Food, Free Arena in city
    The Theatre of Dionysus: unlocks at DRAMA. Cost 300 production +3 Culture, +2 Happiness, 1 pre-filled Literature Slot (filled with The Persians by Aeschylus)


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