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Combat and Stacking Overhaul (BNW) v.1 2016-10-05

This component add some of the features of the R.E.D. WWII mod to the base game.

The R.E.D. DLL for BNW mod is mandatory, it must be activated first in the mod list (which also means that this mod is compatible with Brave New World only)


  • Range of all land/sea units is reduced to 1 tile
  • Different "stacking classes" are defined: Melee (including gun, mounted and armor units), Support (siege and "archer"), Recon, Ranged Naval, Helicopters, Workers
  • Limited stacking for Air Units in cities
  • Some buildings can raise the stacking limit in cities (Barracks = +1 land, Castle = +1 land, Military Base = +3 Air +3 Land +2 Sea, Airport = +5 Air, Harbor = +1 Sea, Seaport = +1 Sea)
  • Unlimited stacking for Great People and Missiles
  • You can have 2 units of each "stacking class" on a plot (was planning 1 unit per class per tile, but wanted feedback on 2 per class in the test version)
  • Counter-Fire : ranged siege units can strike back at another siege or archer unit when the plot they are on is attacked. Archer units can only strike back at another archer unit.
  • Preparation Fire: all ranged siege units will provide a support fire to the first melee unit attacking from the plot they're on (if in rang of the attacked plot)
  • Counter-Preparation fire: all siege and archer units (that include Gatling guns, machine guns and bazooka) will launch a defensive first strike when the plot they are on is attacked by a melee unit
  • Retreat: when receiving heavy casualties, a land unit will be routed and will try retreat from the plot they are. If no free retreating position is found, the unit take extra damages.
  • More units: with limited stacking allowed, the maps can handle much more units, the construction cost of all military land units has been reduced by 2 and they take less casualties from combat.
  • Naval Counter Attack: ranged naval units will counter-fire at any other ranged naval unit.

Recommended mods:
UI fix for Unit Stacking
Any mod allowing military tile capture like Cultural Diffusion or Hex Conquer and Release.


Whys: SaveUtils code
Mylon : Naval counter-attack original mod

Version History

Spoiler :
v.2 (Aug 27, 2013):
- BugFix: Naval units should not retreat
- Balance: Archer units can't naval units
- PatchFix: Separate alter table SQL queries from the insert in the new columns queries ( fix)

v.1 (Aug 13, 2013):
- first release
First release
Last update
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