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Combat Power Projection System V2

Intelligently Augments Civ V's Supply System

  1. sman1975
    Combat Power Projection System (CPPS): This mod component creates an additional framework to Civ V's normal Supply system that adjusts the capabilities of front-line "Combat Units" to move and engage enemies, based on that Civ's ability to project power away from its own territory. Scout class units are not effected by this system.

    The basic CPPS process works like this. Each turn:

    1. The mod calculates what each city's maximum supply reach is. This is a number of hexes it can effectively supply nearby units, and is based on game difficulty, certain buildings (Arsenal, Military Base, Airport, etc.), and certain discovered techs (The Wheel, Horseback Riding, Combustion, etc.).

    2. The mod cycles through the player civ's units (if it is a major player). If the unit is a land unit with a combat strength > 0 (non-civilian), it determines which city is the best supply base for that unit. It's not always the closest city.

    3. The mod determines what impacts, if any, the unit should experience - based on its distance from the best supply city. The chance for impacts increase the further the unit is from the supply city. The chance also increases if the unit is on neutral or enemy territory, is at war, adjacent to enemy units or cities, or if the civ has excessive units based on the game's normal supply process.

    4. Potential impacts:
    - The unit may lose 1-2 movement points that turn
    - The unit may lose the ability to attack
    - The unit may lose hit points

    5. The mod adds 2 promotions:
    - "Expeditionary Forces" - allows for units to heal 15% of the total HPs of any killed unit.
    - "Redball Express" - which allows an experienced unit the ability to lower the probability of potential impacts by 33%.

    6. The game's normal supply system formula has been adjusted to allow for more units to be in supply. The impact of excessive units to Production has been limited as well.

    7. (NEW in V2) The game now will sometimes reduce population of a city that trains or purchases a unit there. Larger units (in manpower terms) have a higher chance of reducing population. Human players have an even higher chance.

    8. (NEW in V2) The game now has a "CPPS Applicability" popup, access via the "Additional Information" menu. This popup allows players to chance the applicability settings to either "Human Only" or "All Civs (including AI)" - in determining which civs are impacted by CPPS. For a harder game, set this to "Human Only." To make the game easier (if that's possible), then select "All Civs."

    Please see the documentation in the archive for more information.

    Discussion Thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/replacement-supply-system-for-civ-v.617066

    NOTE: Mod is a Stable. But, please pass along any findings you may have in the discussion thread. Thanks!

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