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Combined Forces Mod (Hybrid) 2016-10-05

Combined Forces Mod (Hybrid)

  1. OrionVeteran
    This mod allows you to combine old obsolete units into a single and more powerful unit that will truely be a force to be reckoned with. This all new hybrid version of the combined forces mod has been totally redeveloped for Civ4 BTS 3.19. This Hybrid release makes the previous versions obsolete.

    Here are some good reasons why you should use this mod:

    - Did you like the Army unit found in Civ3, but was disappointed when it was left out of Civ4? Train a combined forces unit.

    - Are you worried about sending a bunch of Axemen to their doom against stronger units, when they attempt to take that hill? Train an Army unit which combines their strength to defeat the enemy. What modern armor commander would not wet his pants when he sees a huge army of angry axmen boil over the hill?

    - Aggrivated by those mothballed ships rusting in your harbors? Train a Naval Fleet unit and sink the enemy.

    - Do you want your fighter aircraft to have air superiority? Train a tactical Air Force unit to control the skies and insure your own cities remain safe and protected.

    - Do you want to lay waste to your advarsaries cities? Train a strategic Air Force unit and bomb your enemy back to the stone age.

    - Do you want to provide helicopter close air support for your ground forces? Train an Air Assualt Brigade unit and create a tornado of rotary death from above.

    - Frustrated that you are going to loose those hard earned promotions along with all that experience? Train a combined forces unit.

    - Pissed off by that new version of the game that limits you to only one unit per tile? Come back to Civ4 and train a combined forces unit.

    -Are you tired of wasting gold in an endless succession of expensive upgrades to keep your units combat viable? Train a combined forces unit.

    Changes from previous versions:

    - This hybrid version of the combined forces mod has BUG 4.4, SDK, Python and XML modifications.

    - When setting up a new game, there is an (SDK created) checkbox to select the option of using the combined forces mod or not.

    -A few Python functions were migrated to the SDK to increase performance and reliability.

    - The unit selection bug has been fixed. You can now select any unit on the list, without fear of crashing the mod.

    The combined forces mod allows the warmonger to dominate on land, in the air and at sea. The mod adds one new tech, Organized Warfare; and two new buildings, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy, which are both National Wonders. There are 21 new units to build in Civ4. You will be able to build a combined unit at different times, depending upon what Era you have achieved through tech and which combined unit you want to build. Each of the 7 eras in the game allows you to build a new and more powerful combined unit: The Ancient, the Classical, the Medieval, the Renaissance, the Industrial, the Modern and the Future. The beauty of this mod is none of the different combined units will become obsolete, as you can build a formidable Ancient combined unit late in the game.

    Restrictions: To train a new Combined unit, you must have one of the following Training Instructor (TI) units:

    -The Military Training Instructor (MTI) creates an Army.
    -The Naval Training Instructor (NTI) creates a Fleet.
    -The Tactical Training Instructor (TATI) creates a Tactical Air Force.
    -The Strategic Training Instructor (SATI) creates a Strategic Air Force.
    -The Helicopter Training Instructor (HTI) creates an Air Assualt Brigade.

    The TI can be built only in cities with a Barracks. You must have the minimum number of required cities for every Combined unit you create (default setting is 3). The mod allows you to change the default setting in the XML. The AI will build a combined unit very soon after meeting the minimum city requirement. If you have one combined unit and 5 cities, you will not be able to be able to train a second combined unit until you have 6 cities. Once you build your second training instructor and have enough cities, then the respective "Build" button will appear so you can select the required units necessary to form up your second combined unit.

    The number of units required to train a combined unit, depends upon the type of combined unit you choose to train. The type of combined unit you can create depends upon the current era you have researched. You must research at least one tech from the same era for the type combined unit you want to train.

    Example: A classical army requires a classical tech. The default number of units for each type of combined unit is 3. However, the number of units required for older combined units will increase by 1 unit respectively for each tech era you have researched.

    For example: If you want to create an ancient army, 3 ancient units are required in the ancient era, 4 in the classical era, 5 in the medieval era, all the way to 9 ancient units required to create an ancient army in the future era. Again, if you choose a future era combined unit, the default number of only 3 units can be selected.

    Once you select the era for the type of combined unit you desire, the popup to select the units will only show units (in the same city, where your TI is located) from the era you chose. Thus, each combined unit is restricted to only those units from it's respective era or earlier. The exception is when you create a Tactical or Strategic Air Force. Combined Air Force units are limited to selecting the same type of units from the same Era. TIs can only build combined units in a city. So you must have the required number of units in the city for the TI to train your combined unit. The TI will create a new combined unit that replaces all of the units you individually select from the city.

    The strength values for each unit selected are added together and the sum total is what your combine unit will receive. The exception is for Air Force units, which receive a promotion, which provides a 200%, 300% or 400% increase in Air Combat strength.

    The movement of a new combined unit is based upon the slowest unit selected. There is a formula to calculate the chance for the combined unit to retain some of the promotions from the selected units. Every Army receives the Sentry promotion by default, while Air Force units receive the Range1 promotion. There are several ways to get the desirable Leadership promotion. If you build the West Point national wonder, then all new Armies will receive the promotion. If you build the Annapolis national wonder, then all new Fleets will receive the promotion. If you build the Air Force Academy national wonder, then all new Tactical or Strategic Air Forces will receive the promotion.

    The AI just loves to build these powerful units. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Arms Race; because whether you build them or not, the AI is coming and much more so in this version. Neglect your military at your own peril. If you think you can win the game now with spies and diplomacy, you are sadly mistaken. You will find the AI will have multiple combined units, each one created at the soonest possible time after meeting the next minimum city requirement. So, if the AI has 15 cities, you can expect to find at least 4 combined AI units and a 5th one soon after.

    You will have the capability to create increasingly more powerful combined forces units, as you progress to each new era, from ancient to future. The future era provides you with the most powerful combined units in the game. Development took several weeks of work every day to answer the warmonger's prayer. So let the Arms Race begin!