Commanders Mod v. 1.0 beta fix 1 2016-10-05

Commanders Mod v. 1.0 beta fix 1

  1. killmeplease
    This modcomp gives to GGs new function: increase abilities of other units in a stack. Each time any unit win a battle, GG standing on a same plot with it receives XP. He get levels and obtain promotions as an ordinary units do, but its promotions affect all units in his stack. See pictures below for clearness.

    Here is an army headed by great general with a few promotions:

    Jaguar warrior receives +3% combat strength from great general's promotions:

    Commander gets experience when units of his army win battles. he also has a limited control points, this mean that no more than [control points] units will receive commander's boost during a game turn. control points are being restored to their maximum value each next turn.

    Commander gets levels and can obtain various promotions increasing your army's strength:

    If there are 2 and more GGs on the plot, only one will receive XP (more skilled one). Commanders (Great Generals) have 2 abilities: control points that were mentioned above, and command range. Command range it is a minimal distance between commander and some unit required for unit to take commander's bonuses. Commander starts with zero command range, this mean that he can give boost only to units situated on the same plot with him. Command range can be expanded by taking certain promotions.

    In this mod there are 17 commander promotions (but you can easily add more by editing PromotionInfos):
    Spoiler :

    Operations I: +1 command range, +5 control points

    Operations II: +1 command range, +5 control points

    Operations III: +1 command range, +5 control points, +5% heal in neutral lands

    Operations IV: +10 control points, +5% heal in enemy lands

    Morale I: +2% to combat strength

    Morale II: +3% to combat strength

    Morale III: +4% to combat strength

    Morale IV: +5% to combat strength

    Morale V: +6% to combat strength

    Tactics I: +5% to withdrawal chanse

    Tactics II: +5% to withdrawal chanse

    Tactics III: +5% to withdrawal chanse

    Tactics IV: +10% to withdrawal chanse

    Initiative I: +1 first strike chanses

    Initiative II: +1 first strike chanses

    Initiative III: +1 first strike chanses

    Initiative IV: +1 first strike chanses, continues attack while at full :strength:

    Promotion tree:

    There is a possibility to add a wide variety of promotions if you want as far as most of possible abilities are supported by commander promotions.
    List of supported abilities:
    Spoiler :

    1. visiblity range
    2. extra moves
    3. move discount
    4. air range
    5. intercept
    6. evasion
    7. first strikes
    8. chanse first strikes
    9. withdrawal
    10. collateral damage
    11. bombard rate
    12. enemy heal
    13. neutral heal
    14. friendly heal
    15. combat
    16. city attack
    17. city defense
    18. hills attack
    19. hills defense
    20. domain modifier (e.g. -50 for bombers vs sea units)
    21. terrain attack (e.g. desert)
    22. terrain defense
    23. feature attack (e.g. forest)
    24. feature defense
    25. unitcombat modifier (vs unitclass promos)

    This mod also includes Defender Withdrawal modcomp: units with withdrawal ability can escape combat while defending (as well as in attack). Drill promotions also were modded to increase withdrawal chanse.

    In CvGameCoreDLL source files changes are marked with //@mod Commanders and //@mod DWM (for defender withdrawal modcomp) comments.
    Changes to XML are marked with <!-- @mod Commanders --> comment.
    Changes to Python are marked with #@MOD Commanders comment.

    About this release
    It's a beta version of modcomp, so there could be bugs i've missed. please let me know if you notice some.
    • Thanks KJ Jansson for fixing buttons gaphics!
    • Bug leading to CTD when attaching GG to a unit (tracked by PieceOfMind) was fixed.
    • Promotion tree was developed.
    • Initiative IV effect was changed.

    here is the forum thread on this modcomp. feel free to ask your questions / give comments. I am glad to receive any feedback! :hatsoff: