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Communitas Interface (BNW) 2016-10-05

Communitas Interface (BNW)

  1. Thalassicus
    We believe Civilization is a fantastic game, and want to perfect it while remaining as close to the core experience as possible. The Communitas Interface improves the visual interface of the game, by provide more information to players in better ways.

    If you believe in these goals, try this expansion pack!

    REQUIRES: Communitas AI and Tools (Cat)

    Expansion Pack Parts:

    • Communitas Map
      This map creates several continents with realistic climate, and numerous offshore islands.

    • Communitas AI and Tools (Cat)
      Expands the AI and mod tools of Civ V: Brave New World. Both the expansion pack and interface changes below require the tools.

    • Communitas Enhanced Gameplay (Ceg)
      Improves the fun and strategic balance of BNW gameplay.

    • Communitas Interface (Cin)
      Improves the visual interface of the game. This will be cross-compatible between all expansions.

    Features - Discuss - Bugs - News - Credits

    The expansion is a collaboration of work from over 40 main authors, and an incredible community of forumgoers on CivFanatics.com.

    If you want to discuss the project, or you encounter a problem while playing, please visit the Discuss or Bugs links.

    Please glance at the Common Checklist, which has important information about using Civ 5 mods.