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Community Overhaul Mod Collection for Civilization V (Vox Populi) V.9

Collection of Community Mods in a Single and easy to use Mod File

  1. MR.Pat
    Community Overhaul Mod Collection for Civilization V (Vox Populi) Version 9

    At first i want to thank everybody for there advise and Tips regarding this Mod Collection.
    I combined several of my Favorite Mods to a single and easy to use Mod File.

    I´am Happy to report that i played this Mod version (v.9) for a about 700 Turns without one single Crash or Memory (RAM) related Issue. I consider it as Stable.

    My Game Setup ist the Following:

    Map: Perfektworld 3
    Mapsize: Huge
    Length: Marathon
    Civs: 12
    CityStates: 12
    Event system: Enabled
    (you need to enable Events in the Advanced Setup tab when you start your game because the Mod depends on it)

    For Gameplay, Balance and performance Reasons, i reconsiderd what Mods to use.
    I removed some or added some.

    My Spezial thanks goes out to all the Mod creaters for making these fine Mods.

    Please leave a Comment if you have any Ideas, suggestions or Issues regarding this Mod

    You can also Download the Mod Collection direkt at Steam


    This Mod depends on the Vox Populi Mod with EUI, Install and Activated it first,

    I recommend This Setup:

    (1) Community Patch
    (2) Community Balance Overhaul
    (3) CSD for CBP
    (4) Civ IV Diplomatic Features
    (5) More Luxuries
    (6a) Community Balance Overhaul - Compatibility Files (EUI)
    (7a) Promotion Icons for VP
    Community Overhaul Mod Collection for Civilization V (Vox Populi) (v 9)

    Please Don´t forget to delete the „Cache“ folder in C:\Users\*****\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\ before you start your Mods for the first Time.

    For every new version of this Mod Collection you have to start a new Game, because of changes it is not compatible with Saved Games that used an older Version.

    (Use Control & X to activate MapPins in game )

    List of Mods:

    Caravans Build Roads (v 1) -by Gedemon
    Fortress Borders - Outposts (v 6) -by Serpens66
    UI - Greatest Cities (v 11) -by FramedArchitecture
    PerfectWorld3 (v 1) -by Cephalo
    UI - Trade Opportunities for VP (v 8.1) -by William Howard/adan_eslavo
    TreeGrowth (VP) (v 2) -by Tekamthi
    UI - Filters in Trade Route Overview (Vox Populi) (v 1.3) -by Infixo
    Historical Religions (BNW or GK) (v 55) -by Tomatekh
    Promotion Flags EUI (v 1.1) -by Amir Kamal
    Promotions - Level Promotions (v 3) -by Serpens66
    Promotion Overhaul for VP (v 14) -by adan_eslavo
    Enhanced Naval Warfare for Vox Populi (v 1) -by Infixo
    Enlightenment Era (Vox Populi) (v 1.2), -by Pouakai, JFD, Janboruta, Sukritact, zwei833, Infixo
    UI - Filters in Trade Route Overview (Vox Populi) (v 1.3) -by Infixo
    More Unique Components for VP (v 43) -by adan_eslavo, Blue Ghost, and many others
    UI - Wonder Planner for VP (v 4) -by William Howard/adan_eslavo
    Faster Aircraft Animations (v 3) - by Gedemon
    Unique City-States (v 6) -by Techpriest Enginseer
    Quick Turns (v 10) -by gunstarpl
    UI - Enhanced Rankings (v 13) -by William Howard
    UI - Map Pins (v 17) -by William Howard
    UI - VP Happiness notifications (v 1) -by Glider
    UI - Show XP in Military Overview (v 2.3) -by Infixo

    i will keep this Collection Up to Date and i´m Happy for a Thumbs up.

    This Should be it for now,

    Have Fun

Recent Reviews

    Version: 3
    Excellent job! downloading to test.
    1. MR.Pat
      Author's Response
      Thank you Bruno, Please report any Issues