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Complete Civilizations for Civ4 2016-10-05

This is a project in which I summed up all of the civilizations and leaders that I think needed to be included in the game.
I made that project in order to organize my recommandations for modders and to list them at one place.
The project is based on the original version (Bts) and not on any fan mod.

It includes more than 100 civilizations and a lot of leaders.
This project is only theoretical, because obviously the game will weight too much with all those civs and leaders, and there's not enough art for all of them.

For convinience, I arranged the leaders by the states they ruled.
I think it could also be a good mechanic:
To have the name of a civilization in the game suitable for every leader.
For eample: Frederick II - Prussian, Adenauer - German; Gamal Abdel Nasser - Egyptian, Abu Bakr - Arab.
Having a different capital for each state can also be a good idea.

Anyway, these states will still be part of the same civilization in the game -
two leaders of differet states in the same civilizations won't be generated on the same random single player game.
Several leaders appear in more than one state -
in this case they have different traits in each state, and theoretically these leaders can't be present twice in one game.

It is also important to explain how I chose the leaders.
The leaders were not chosen in order to represent their underrepresented state or their civilization.
I only included leaders which I thought they were "great", or prominent enough to be added,
and after a year of research I can say that I am satisfied with my choices.
Therefore, some important states or even civilizations weren't included only because they lacked great leaders.
For example - the Chagatai Khaganate and the Fatimid Caliphate are not represented at all, and some civilizations like Belgium or Khazars are not included,
simply because I couldn't find any great leaders for them.
In contrast, less important civilizations are included, if they had significant leaders.

The list is based on leaders -
any leader who I find great and prominent enough is included, even if his period and culture is already represented.
(This is my "philosophy" of the game, and I know many won't agree with it).

I don't claim to deter what is a civilization and what is not.
It is a great debate between historians, and I just made my decisions according to what is a civilization in the game.
Still I believe that many won't agree with some of my decisions.
Although I don't want to start a historical debate about that project, suggestions are welcome.

In every civilization, there is only one leader with each trait combination.
It was a hard job to find traits and prevent double use of the same combination, especially in civilizations like Rome or England, which include more than 20 leaders.

I only included rulers of states.
Peoples like Iruquois or Gauls are not included because they didn't actually have a state with a government that ruled cities (which is what you do in the game).
They were just peoples who occupied a territory and participated in conflicts, but not a civilization in the meaning of the game.
I also don't include leaders who weren't actually rulers.
Leaders like Ghandi or Garibladi didn't rule a state, didn't hold a government and didn't manage cities, which is what you do in the game.
They can suit fine as a new kind of great persons, but not as leaders of states.

The project includes two main files:
1. The quick overview - A summary of the project in one file which includes all of the civilizations and the leaders in a chronologic order.
It includes little additional historical information about every state.
Some civilizations might not be placed in their correct geographical category. It means nothing and was only for my convienience.
I suggest you first take a look at the overview before you read the main list.
2. The list of playable civilizaitons - a list with links to every civilization's page.
In the page of every civilziaitons you will see a more detailed information.
A quick description of every state, with suggested short description and adjective, and all of the state's leaders, with their traits and pictures.
The pictures were chosen according to what I wanted to be the leader head of each leader .

**When you open the rar you'll find several folders and a suitable Word web document for each folder. Ignore the folders.
You only need to open two files: the Overview and the Playable Civilziaitons (from the latter you'll have links to the rest of the files, as mentioned before).

The full project was displayed well on IE8, but after upgrading to newer browsers (latest verions of IE, Chrome and FF) I found out that it is displayed poorly on them (mainly the fonts and the picture frames).
However, the project is still clearly viewable (only England, France, Sweden and Russia are now completely out of shape)
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