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Composite XL - More Of Everything 2016-10-05

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Composite XL - Version 0.6.1 Public (Updated 9/22/06)
For Civ 4 Warlords
Powerd By The Civ 4 Community Core Project
Built On Ket's Unaltered Game play with Flavor Framework

Version 0.6.1
Due to a small problem with the patch and installation we have re-uploaded the file, if you are having a problem such as no interface or can not get the mod to run please re-download the file.


So unplug the jukebox, and do us all a favor, that music's lost its taste so try another flavor....

You want MORE, you want LARGER, you want BIGGER, you want OPTIONS, you want BALANCE, you want a CHALLANGE?

Harder, Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger, XTRA LARGE


Screenshots say it all...

Game Play Changes

EXPANDED TECH TREE 15 New Tech's Complete Rework Of The Tree
This is not the tech tree you know, greatly expanded to accommodate the numerous units, building and wonder additions. The tree is also laid out in a logical progression of ages as you can see in this screenshot; this allows us to balance in new techs with ease.(Not All Techs Are Shown)

197 Units, Some Flavor, Some New Units and Classes ranging across all era's tear up your enemies warriors with your War Dogs. Defend your shores with mines. Take the fight to the Air with a completely new air system, aircraft spread out over 6 tech's from Biplanes to Strike Fighters, Aircraft gain experience and have there own promotion sets.(Not All Units Are Shown)

More new wonders than you can shake a stick at. Some with effects you've never seen before. Other wonder effects changed....
Build The U.N. and watch your diplomatic relationships go up. Build the Art of War and WATCH every unit you control on the board get two free promotions of your choosing. Build Leonardo's workshop and get a free Scientist/Engineer/Artist and Priest in that city. Check the Pedia for more.(Not All Wonders Are Shown)

Canada, Cherokee Nation, Israel and Portugal complete with sounds, Unique Units and Unique Buildings.

Spread your religion with your missionaries or your units. Settlers and Units now have a religion based on there home city. If they base in other cities they can spread the religion to other cities including your opponents! Unlike missionaries you don't know which religion from the city they where created in they are carrying. Civics such as Theocracy enhances your chances to carry your state religion. Religions clash with other religions to many religions and its possible that one will remove another. Added Religion Shinto.

A completely and totally re-balanced Civic system. Phase II of Aussie_Lurkers Civic Balancer is currently in place. Through game testing we have re-balanced some of the Civics. Take the good with the bad, most Civics have a downside, balance the needs of your nation against the downfalls of the specific Civic.

Getting to space was too easy; this is going to require a good deal of effort on any player who is looking to REACH FOR THE STARS

Barbarians can now get great generals on the upside you now get great general points for killing them and wild animals. Watch out for the pirates!

Culture over trade routes, borders over oceans, decay and conquest of a city does not destroy its culture... TONS of enhancements to the culture system

FX Endurance and FX Marathon for enhanced game play.

An enhanced diplomatic model based on a few things.. no more leaders getting mad at you cause you declared war on there friend when they are not really there friend. Better memory decay. Some buildings and wonders cause diplomatic effects.

Customize your city advisor the way you want it, with the details you need to see, your foreign advisor is also changed for the better.

No change was made without balancing it against the system. It’s easy to add 500 units into the game (although time consuming) making sure that the changes do not cause an imbalance in the system is another. If the A.I. can't do it, we don’t add it.

More tweak than a night driving interstate trucker. Some of the more important ones to note. Nukes *can* destroy any building or unit and are more deadly. Guilds enable technology trading. Monarchy allows cottage building. Pottery enables wine. Forest and Jungle can not be roaded until bronze working. Tech tree has had major changes. Check it the first few times you play.

From the custom game screen control some add on options. Currently supporting Slow Cultural Borders and Great People Pooling. More being added. Your in control now!

One of the few mods to offer maps, we have combed the darkest corners to find some of the best maps out there. Some with 24 Civ's some with 12 there are a wide variety of maps included to enhance your strategic game play. Included:

Rhye's Earth Map 24 Civ's For Warlords
Rhye's Earth Map 23 Civ's For Warlords (No Celts)
Pantastic Huge 24 Civ Earth Map
Pantastic Huge 23 Civ Earth Map (No Celts)
24 Civ Radical Earth 52X32!!! (Great for slower systems)
Syntera 15 Civ TINY Earth (Tera Style)
12 Civ Small Europe: This is my favorite don’t be mistaken there is plenty of room to expand. It plays very much like a board game and is one of the best maps I have played.

Please note: These maps are specially modified to work under the conditions of having 24 civs in the game. This is changed in the SDK and compiled into the .DLL that ships with the mod. Trying to use thse specific versions of the maps in other mods may or may not work which is why we have put them in the PrivateMaps folder.
Also note: Using maps with an extended .DLL (24 civs 32 civs whatever) require special editing. You can not just use any map with this mod or any other mod using the extended civ's mod, without making some special modifications.

Installation: (Format OF Install Instructions From Amra)

Extract this file to your Warlords "Mods" folder within the game directory. For example, C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Warlords\MODS. It should create a folder called "Composite XL" that will include all of the modpack files. In game, click on "Advanced" and then "Load a Mod" to play. If you want this mod to load automatically every time you play Civ4 then edit the "CivilizationIV.ini" file in your "\My Documents\My Games\Warlords" directory. Search for "Mod = 0" and change it to "Mod = Mods\Composite XL".


Run GreatPersonArtPath.bat in the modpack directory to set the GP Mod art path. This only modifies one file called "" located in the "Composite XL\Assets\Python" directory but is important for the mod component to work properly.

Please note that Multiplayer requires all players to have the same version of this mod installed and loaded when playing.

We have switched to 7-Zip for file compression the file extension is 7z. 7-Zip reduced the file size by about half compared to WinRar. The latest versions of Winrar or WinZip should handle this file without a problem you can also download 7-Zip for Free at

Public Beta Notice
Please note this is a public beta, it may be in some places rough around the edges. We do strive for crash free game play and in general we have very few critical bugs and the ones we do let out we patch quickly. That being said we encourage you to post you comments and feedback about the game and even your ideas. We do have a development path to 1.0 but there is always room for more. Please check the version.txt readme.txt and forum posts regarding known issues before posting a bug report. If possible screenshots and or game saves are always helpful.

The Composite XL Team
Ket, Impaler[WrG], Roamty, Ocedius
Arlborn, Uniquemind, GRM7854
Special Guest Appearance
TheLopez, Keldath, Amra, Aussie_Lurker, Wyz_Sub10, SeZereth
*Please see credits for a full list of contributors*

First release
Last update
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