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Configurable Goody Huts 1.1

Allows for toggling reward types and more...

  1. Sailor Cat
    Allows for toggling Goody Hut reward types during game setup. Also allows for a number of other options:
    • Enable or disable rewards on an individual basis.
    • Add the free Settler and free Civic rewards.
    • Determine the frequency of Goody Hut spawns.
    • Give all rewards an equal chance of being rolled.
    • Make all rewards available at the start of the game.
    • Reveal Goody Huts for all players at game start.
    • Receive Trade Capacity with the Trader reward.
    • Enable Goody Hut reward notifications.
    • Change the value of Gold and Faith rewards.
    • Change the XP given by Huts to Recon units.
    Goody Hut configuration can be found at the bottom of Advanced Options.

    • Notification system supports only two notifications at a time.
    • Removed MinOneCity from Gold and Faith rewards.
    • Trader reward unlocks with Foreign Trade.
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  1. Duque
    Version: 2021-04-20
    Amazing Mod, thanks!