Connor's Coves v1 2016-10-05

Connor's Coves v1

  1. connorsmith236

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    My goal here was to create a highly realistic map with extremely varied game play. In order to do this, many different qualifications had to be met:

    1) Some large continents.
    2) Some smaller islands/continents.
    3) Coastal straights
    4) Large oceans
    5) An inland sea
    6) Deserts, rainforest, grasslands, and tundras
    7) Defensive mountain positions
    8) Room for expansion
    9) Room for exploration
    10) Control of resources
    11) "Real World" feel

    Map Specs

    -Size: 104x64 (Large)
    -Civs: 10
    -City-States: 20

    To install,unzip this file and save to:
    \Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Maps


    1. civ5screen0001_32v.jpg
    2. civ5screen0006_Cfl.jpg