Contextual Unit Names 2016-10-05

Contextual Unit Names

  1. astog
    This mod aims to add a bit of variety to your units name. Based on where a unit was born, it gets a unique name. For example a warrior unit born in Warsaw will get a name "1st Infantry of Warsaw". This allows you to actually track your units

    Each name has three parts to it. Number - CombatClass - Context. You can choose from various options when selecting each part, re-order them, and even disable some parts.

    The Number can tweaked to removed the 'st' part of the number. All number auto-increment based on your settings. Example: 1 Infantry of Warsaw.

    You could change CONTEXT to Civilization, and the unit will now be called "1st Infantry of Poland". A few more examples: "1st Infantry Division", "1st Infantry Regiment"

    You can re-order these different parts to change the name a bit. Some more examples: "Infantry 1 of Poland", "Poland's 1st Infantry"

    The CombatClass part of the name can also be changed. For example: "Poland's 1st Warrior".

    There is a complete UI to tweak anything I mentioned above. Within this UI you can select any unit, and see a preview of what that unit could be called. You can even enable and disable the mod, within the game, if the names get really weird.

    I have also built an optional UI add-on, that tweak UnitFlagManager, and UnitPanel. It basically removes the Unit Type that gets written if we name a unit, and also hovering over a unit, now lets you see a tooltip with the name of the unit. Go to this link for more info: (link here)


    1) Whoward for his plot iterators.


    1) I can't think of one, but the optional UI-addon doesn't work well with a few mods. Go to the mod-page to see all them


    v2 - "Glory of Rome" update

    v1 - Release


    1) Increment of a Unit Type doesn't increment the relevant Global counter. It doesn't affect the game in any way, other than the name's number being slightly wrong (when changing the Context mid-game).

    2) Opening up the UI before settling your first city, will throw an error (in the LUA Log), and no name will be shown as a preview. You can easily rectify this by changing the Context setting to anything other than the City. More appropriately, open the UI after settling you first city.