Covert Operations V5

Adds units, processes to conduct a wider range of diplomatic interations

  1. sman1975
    The "Covert Operations - Making Spies Great Again (V5)" mod adds a new layer of interaction between civilizations. It allows the ability to use unconventional warfare against target civs, both in peacetime and at war.

    These units may conduct 16 different Covert Operations against a target civ, ranging from gathering intelligence all the way to attempting to steal a city for your own civ.

    Mission List (consult Civlopedia for more information):
    1. Conduct Reconnaissance: gather information (12 reports with data about the target city, and 29 reports about the target civ)
    2. Poison Water: removes population
    3. Spread Rumors: reduce Culture/Golden Age progress
    4. Sabotage Unit: damages a random unit near the city
    5. Pillage: damage terrain improvement
    6. Assassinate Great Person: assassinates a random Great Person belonging to the target civ near the city
    7. Sabotage Production: damage unit/building/project progress
    8. Steal Gold: move gold from target civ to yours
    9. Spread Plague: removes population, reaching connecting cities
    10. Destroy Building: destroys random, non-Wonder building
    11. Recruit Partisans: raise Barbarian rebels to harass the target city
    12. Spread Propaganda: reduce even more Culture/Golden Age progress
    13. Cause Resistance: force target city to enter resistance
    14. Create Anarchy: force target city into several turns of no production
    15. Nuclear Suitcase: highly destructive bomb damaging everything near the city
    16. Steal City: convince target city to join your empire

    Once you launch a Covert Op, the mod will determine if the mod was successful and what effects need to occur. It will also determine what international responses, if any, occur as a result. Finally, the mod will determine if the Covert Operator survived the mission and if so, did he flee the jurisdiction or is he in hiding nearby, preparing to launch another operation in the near future.

    Potential International Reactions:
    1. A diplomatic yawn. Nothing more... (20%)
    2. A minor tut-tut. Nothing more... (20%)
    3. Denunciation by the target civ (15%)
    4. Denunciations by some friends of the target civ (15%)
    5. Declaration of War by the taget civ (10%)
    6. DoW by some of the target civ's friends (10%)
    7. Permanent DoW by the target civ (5%)
    8. A world-wide war, joined by other civs across the globe (5%)

    Acknowledgements: This mod is a shameless knockoff of Tomatekh's "Great Spy" mod, but attempting to add a bit more functionality, while reducing some of the additional complexity that mod offers.

    More information to follow...


    Please Note: This mod is STABLE. It has been extensively tested, and many of the previous issues have been fixed.

    There are still probably issues with typos, other errors. Please be patient as we work to fix these and improve the mod. Any and all feedback you have is greatly appreciated and will be acted on quickly.

    Also am looking for any suggestions on where to take the mod next - what features to add/change/remove and what works for you and what irritates you.


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