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Covert Operations V5

Adds units, processes to conduct a wider range of diplomatic interations

  1. Covert Operations - V3 (BETA)

    The latest version of the mod - with many, many changes (see below).

    Am planning on releasing a V4 in a couple of weeks. With sooooo many changes on V3, there's lots of opportunities for hotfixing coming up, so I'm planning on a much smaller V4 to fix anything I broke here. V4 will also have a popup menu that allows for much easier enabling/disabling missions.


    V3 Changes:

    Cleaned up/simplified mission removal process. It is now possible to make a small, simple text change in the Globals file that will safely remove an unwanted mission from the game.

    Added several popup menu pre-checks. The "You Can Launch a CO" notification now only appears if the human player actually has at least 1 valid mission that can be legally conducted. Before, you would get the Notification, even if all your spies were moving and unable to actually conduct a mission.

    Menu Pre-Checks: Missions that cannot possibly succeed are removed from the menu so they cannot be chosen. For example, if there are no Great Persons around a target city, you will not see the "Assassinate Great Person" mission on the menu. If there are no target civ units near the city, the "Sabotage Unit" will not appear. If there are no improvements, then "Pillage Improvement" will not appear. If the attacking civ has no spare Uranium, then the "Nuclear Suitcase" mission will not appear, etc.

    Nerfed mission success chances and lowered frequency of AI mission launches.

    Added the "Nuclear Suitcase" mission. New mission damages city defenses, units, and leaves fallout – both on the ground and in the political environment. A civ must have 1 free Uranium resource to conduct the mission.

    Added a check to the AI Target Selection routine that cuts the chance roughly in half of a civ becoming the target of an attack if they have a DOF with the attacking civ. Making friends with other civs will definitely lower your chances of being attacked with Covert Ops by them!

    Added difficulty-based AI mission success adjustment, so that at higher difficulties, the AI has a greater chance of CO mission success. At King, there is now +2% increased chance of success; at Emperor +4, at Immortal +6, and at Deity +8.

    Buffed Agent Rank impact to Espionage Posture.

    Fixed formula error in Steal Gold mission so it would get the correct amount of gold.

    Increased chance of perma-war, decrease chance of allied denounce/DoW.

    Fixed an error in the "Sabotage Production" mission that did not remove the correct amount of production for National Wonders.

    Modified AI mission selection function to allow a wider variety of mission choices when AI is low on Gold; expanded possible random missions so later eras would see more advanced missions.

    Adjusted the AI mission scheduling routine, so they would not schedule missions too early in the game.

    Added improved international response messages when the human player is the target civ; increased the chances of getting more details about the attack and attacking civ.

    Changed AT Target Selection function so that it now also considers known civs with the highest score as an additional criterion in deciding who to attack.

    Changed "Poison Wells" and "Spread Plague" missions so they remove all excess food from the city. Buffed upper limit to population loss.

    Increased the occurrence of Foreign Intel Reports (FIR) – and increased chances of getting more details in those reports.

    Added a test to AI Mission Execution function, so that now an attacking civ must be alive at time of launch, not just at time of scheduling.

    Increased the Palace, Police Station, National Intelligence Agency impact on Espionage Posture.

    Added a stat collecting/reporting function to assist in better setting mission success, international response, and other criteria.

    Added a random adjustment to the "Combat Ops Propensity" values for each leader – which should provide some variety in leader behavior between games.

    Fixed several formatting issues with the popup windows, which were squeezing text placement at the top of the messages and cropping text from the bottom of the popup.

    Changed the Conduct Recon mission reports so that no "number of nuclear units" report will occur before the target civ reaches the Atomic Era.

    Cleaned up code/globals, removing non-used legacy code.
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