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Covert Operations V5

Adds units, processes to conduct a wider range of diplomatic interations

  1. Covert Operations - V4

    V4 --- Latest version of the mod. Lots of changes:


    Added a new UI that allows players to easily enable/disable Covert Ops.

    Added a new UI that allows players to select specific buildings in a city for the "Sabotage Building" Covert Op. They may choose a specific or "random" building. The odds of success for a specific building are half as much as for the random building. If the city has no normal/non-wonder buildings, this mission will be disabled for that city.

    Completely rewrote the "target civ/international community response" routines – new version should be much more stable, reliable.

    Added functions to connect the results of this mod into the game's Diplomacy system. Target civ reactions to being attacked by Cos will alter their opinion of the attacking civ. These changes occur to both major civs and City States.

    Changed the "You have the possibility to launch a Covert Op" Notification button. Now, when you click on the Notification button/icon, it directly opens the "Espionage Overview" UI.

    Cleaned up AI "select target city" and "select mission" functions – removing legacy artifacts and resolve some minor discrepancies. New versions are more streamlined and reliable.

    Added City States to the list of target cities for the AI to attack.

    The AI mission now cost is now 1/3 the price of what the human player pays, down from 50%. This should assist the AI in attempting higher level missions.

    Added checks for AI missions that prevents deducting gold if the mission turns out to be infeasible: i.e. if the planned mission as "Assassinate Great Person," and no Great Persons are near the city, the AI will not be charged when the mission automatically fails.

    Fixed an error calculating damage for the "Sabotage Unit" mission.

    Nerfed "Spread Rumors" and "Spread Propaganda" success chance. These were supposed to be somewhat less impacting than they actually are, so there is a need to make them less successful.

    Buffed the success chance for most other missions – during play testing, it just seemed like the benefits for a successful mission didn't outweigh the costs/risks, primarily due to low success chances. Increasing the success chances, while keeping the costs/risks the same provides for a better "risk vs. benefit" analysis.

    Buffed the chances of identifying Covert Ops attackers. Added a minimum chance of 33%, up from 0% previously.

    Adjusted the message when the AI mission "Assassinate Great Person" fails due to lack of targets.

    Added a check of a Leader's Loyalty stat to impact the likelihood of an attack when there is a Declaration of Friendship between the attacker and the prospective target.

    Buffed the formulae for the human player to identify civs launching Covert Ops

    AI Mission scheduling: cleaned up/streamlined formulae for more consistent results in scheduling missions.

    Reversed the Declaration of War function, so that the Covert Ops "attacker" gets warmonger penalty, not the defending civ.

    Changed the text key displayed when opening Espionage Overview before spies are enabled. It now refers to the starting Era as "Classical" not "Renaissance."

    Added displaying of the Espionage Posture value to the "CO Mission Select" menu, and to the Spy Viewing panel within the Espionage Overview UI.

    FIRs: updated the code, so the human player must have met either the attacking or defending civ to get the report; fixed the "future FIR" problems so the mod no longer displays the incorrect game turn in the message.

    Added a "garbage collection" function to AI mission table, so it updates/closes out missions that fail to launch for whatever reason.
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