CQUI - A UI Overhaul (Now out on Steam Workshop!)

CQUI - A UI Overhaul (Now out on Steam Workshop!)

Hey folks, I've been chugging away and knocking out new features for my own take on Vans163's QUI. I've finally gotten to a point of stability where I'd like to have others test it. Without further ado, the mod:

Github Link
Workshop Link
Workshop OSX/Linux Link

  • Most things in QUI, barring some things I've implemented differently
  • Better Trade Screen by astog
  • Next City Plot by Ace
  • A Civ-V style cityview

  • A renovated Great Person panel, no scrolling required!

  • Improved amenities city details screen (Clean Icons! No Tutorial UI!)

  • Removed the useless "My Government" tab from Government panel

  • Map Pinning system enhanced: new pins, long pinlists are now scrollable, right click in pinlist to quickly delete pins, enter key now bound to finalizing a pin in pin creation menu.

  • Tech/Civic Tree and Civilopedia now autofocus the searchbar
  • Civilopedia remembers the last visited page
  • Civic/Tech popups can be disabled. Optionally, the voiceover can still be kept even without the popup.
  • Minimap can now be toggled between 2x-mode and original by right clicking
  • Civ V keybinds implemented. Two modes: Classic, a faithful recreation of the Civ V binding scheme. Enhanced, Civ V binding scheme with WASD assigned to camera control, Q/E assigned to city/unit cycling, and Shift assigned to shifting focus between city and unit selection modes.
  • Dedicated mod settings menu

  • Unit actions like Sell/Delete are no longer hidden behind an expando

  • Unit XP bars are now 2x as tall

  • Tile tooltips now spawn almost instantly
You can find more info and the download here

Thanks for stopping by! I'd be glad to receive any and all feedback!
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Hello chaorace. I love the concept of the mod but I am unable to use it. I tried using the nightly version of the mod with the Rise and Fall expansion, and I was not able to click anywhere on the map tiles. The civics tree was empty as well. Any idea why?
CIV VI feels like it's in beta without this Mod.
It's one of the better Civ VI's mods for me
The best Civ6 mod I've found.
Chao it is a fantastic mod! But I have a little issue - When I start the game I see like 4 small icons of resources instead of just one. Any idea how to fix it? :)
Game/Mod version mismatch. Please download the latest nightly of CQUI and use it with the latest Spring 2017 patch from Steam
Game is literally unplayable without this.
I'm not a big a critic as some of VI's UI but after using this it's basically impossible to go back. Absolute must-have mod.
A much needed improvement over the poorly-designed vanilla UI.
Best Civ VI mod hands down. Can't even play the game without this mod now
Amazing and lot of work behind this project
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