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Cradle of Civilizations IV 4.0

Bigger ancient age plus new techs, govs, wonders, units, City Improvs, excellent AI & more tweeks

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    The Cradle of Civilization mod by hexagonian has over time become one of the most important mods for CtP2. Its most important features include (from the main readme): a stretched out ancient age, about 57 new techs, 6 new governments, 17 new wonders, 30 new units, 11 so-called `Wonder Units`, 17 new city improvements and lots and lots of text file tweaks and SLIC code. But most important of all is that it has an excellent AI and is very challenging to play. In short: a must-have for every CtP2 player!

    CTP2 CRADLE IV - v.4.0
    Install CTP2 > Activision Patch > Modswapper > Cradle IV > Play

    This is a complete Mod installation that includes all earlier versions and updates of Cradle. I suggest that you install this version over a clean installation of CTP2, and that you keep that installation dedicated exclusively to Cradle.

    The main reason for this new version of Cradle was to create a stable foundation for scenarios. This update also addresses a bug in Cradle III Timelines where the AI civs would not build their UU or flanker units.

    - Enabled civ-specific units for AI civs and continued balancing of game elements

    - New Tile Improvement, Building and Unit graphics incorporated
    - New Wonder, Intro, Victory, and Defeat movies

    New Civs
    - Gauls (Replace Celts)
    - Thai
    - Magadha
    - Mali
    - Indonesia
    - 500 Tribes
    - Rus
    - Song

    New Military Unit Category
    - Skirmishers (stealth flanker)

    3 Additional Play Options
    - Quicker Research
    - Blind Research
    - No Religious Victory option

    Be sure the download the Scenario Pack for Cradle IV, listed below:

    01a Cradle IV Scenario and Maps Pack Download

    Cradle IV Scenario and Map Pack
    Requires Cradle IV to play

    Install CTP2 > Activision Patch > Modswapper > Cradle IV > Cradle Scenario Pack > Play

    To play the Cradle Scenarios and Maps, select the particular Scenario or Map play option you want in Modswapper, launch the game, and then load the Scenario or Map.

    3 Maps
    - Global
    - Europe
    - Asia (the Asia Map includes Asia-specific Wonders and Great Houses)

    1 New Scenario
    - Ghenghis Khan - Scourge of the Steppes

    Tips for playing the Scourge Scenario
    This Scenario is designed to play as the Mongols, so pick them as your civ choice, even though you can play as any of the other civs.
    - On turn 5, switch your government to Mongol Tribalism and build the House of Genghis.
    - You cannot build cities, so you have to conquer them to grow.
    - You have a low city cap and high happiness penalties, so you will have to raze cities. Establishing Great Houses will help boost happiness.
    - You have access to two separate tech trees. One tree has all of your building choices and the research time for each advance is short, the other has access to your units, wonders, governments, tile improvements and Great Houses, but the research time is significantly longer for each branch.
    - When you get access to Yurts, construct those tile improvements to gain significant bonuses.
    - Pillage, pillage and pillage some more.
    - You have the most mobile units on the map, and many of your units have limited bombard capabilities.
    - To win the game you have to conquer all cities on the map. Be careful because some cities are heavily defended..


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