Cradles of Civilization Pack (Brave New World) v. 18

Cradles of Civilization Pack (Brave New World)

  1. Tomatekh
    Collects Tomatekh's Sumer, Harappa, Xia, Caral & Olmec mods as well as the Cradle City-States Pack into a single download.

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    For a game called Civilization, Civ V actually does a poor job representing the original cradles of civilization; the six locations where civilization is understood to have independently originated in the ancient world. Of these cultures – Sumer, Egypt, Harappa, Ancient China, Caral, and the Olmec – only 1-2 are in the base game; Egypt and "China" (though vanilla China offers little to represent pre-Imperial China). Throughout my modding career I’ve been attempting to remedy this and provide high-quality, playable representation for these original civilizations, each with unique mechanics and play styles.

    This pack collects six mods previously released by me and features contributions by such talented modders as Leugi, Janboruta, Sukritact, JFD, Pouakai, and Regalman.


    - This pack requires the Brave New World expansion.
    - Updates to the pack will most likely break save games. Please do not update until you are ready to begin a new game.
    - You can manually enable/disable individual civs for either the AI or human players by editing the "Civ Switch.xml" file located in the mod’s folders.


    This pack collects the following mods. Please see the individual download pages for extended details and a full credit list for each specifc mod.

    Sumer (BNW)

    Leader: Eannatum
    UA: Cradle of Civilization: Newly founded Cities start with +1 Population. Bonus increases to +2 Population if the City is settled adjacent to a River.
    UU: Vulture: Replaces Warrior. Starts with +10 XP. No movement penalty adjacent to Rivers. (+10% Production Cost).
    UB: Ziggurat: Replaces Temple. +1 Scientist Specialist slot. +1 Faith from Scientist Specialists in the City.

    Harappa (BNW)

    Leader: Went-Antu
    UA: Trade Seals: Start with the location of all nearby Civilization and City-State Capitals (this does not establish contact). +1 Trade Route and a free Caravan after you settle your first City.
    UU: Bullock Cart: Replaces Worker. +1 Movement. Earns Gold for improving Luxury Resources. Has a unique build action, Trade Luxury Goods, which may be used to satisfy 'We Love the King Day' requests with resources in Neutral or Friendly territory.
    UB: Sewer: Replaces Aqueduct. Available at Agriculture. -50% Production Cost. No Gold maintenance.

    Xia (BNW)

    Leader: Yu
    UA: Dynastic Cycle: Losing your Capital, constructing a Courthouse in a conquered foreign Capital, or completing a Social Policy tree starts a new Dynasty and provides a new cumulative bonus (requires an Annexed or Settled City).
    UU: Tuo Ma: Replaces Chariot Archer. Nearby Units earn Experience +25% faster. +2 Defense. No Resource Requirement. (-1 Movement).
    UB: Foundry: Replaces Barracks. 1 Great Work of Art/Artifact Slot which, when filled, provides +2% Culture in the City for every Dynasty progressed.

    Caral (BNW)

    Leader: Qhapaq
    UA: Maritime Foundation: Inland Cities receiving a Trade Route from a Coastal City also receive the base yields of all improved Sea Resources worked by that City. Building a Plantation provides a Production boost in all Coastal Cities.
    UU: Fisher: Replaces Worker & Work Boat. Can improve both land and sea tiles (does not consume). Can embark immediately. +2 movement when embarked. Can build Fishing Boats prior to researching Sailing.
    UB: Shicra Pyramid: Replaces Monument. +1 Production. Allows Production to be traded domestically.

    The Olmec (BNW)

    Leader: U Kix Chan
    UA: Venus Cycle: After researching Calendar, your Civilization enters Venus Cycles, which increase Great Person generation by 25%, and earns +1 Tourism for every Technology researched but not yet discovered by another Civilization.
    UU: Konuks'wu: Earns Science for defeating enemy Units. +10% Combat Strength during Venus Cycles
    UI: Colossal Head: Can be constructed by any Great Person, expending the unit. +4 Science as well as an additional yield equal to the type and half the amount of the Great Person's standard Improvement. Does not remove Jungle.

    Cradle City-States Pack (BNW)

    This pack replaces and/or adds the following city-states to the game:
    - Belo Brdo
    - Nok
    - Mu'a
    - Chengtoushan
    - Poverty Point
    - Skara Brae (replaces Ur)
    - Göbekli Tepe (replaces La Venta)
    - Border Cave (replaces Kyzyl)


    Mod Support:
    - Supports Historical Religions, Ethnic Units, YnAEMP, Civ IV Leader Traits, Unique Cultural Influence, Map Labels, Events & Decisions, Piety & Sovereignty, Cultural Diversity, Exploration Continued Expanded, Mercenaries, Enlightenment Era


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