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Crazy game: Montezumas FFA bloodbath 2016-10-05

Crazy game: Montezumas FFA bloodbath

  1. Darth Revan
    Hello Everybody!!!

    After several years playing mods or scenarios I started again a classic BTS game, no mods or scenario.
    The custom game I created was just for fun, but I found it a real defense challenge.
    I put unrestricted leaders so that I selected the most annoying and arrogant prick leader ever... Montezuma! But not just one... Every IA civlization is lead by Montezuma! There are 10 Montezumas in the map, every one of them leads a random civilization. The map is huge continents.
    In addition I put raging barbarians and aggressive IA (as Montezuma isn't LOL). Another important matter, the game can be won only by conquest (so you have to destroy all of them)
    To create this scenario it took me just 5 minutes, but I found this game so funny and crazy, and I think it will be a long game for me... Maybe it might become "a hellish nightmare of suffering and devastation" as described by Lycerius in his 14 years old civ II game...

    Have fun and happy fragging!!!

    The game works in normal BTS 3.19 game, so no mods are needed. Just add the scenario in Public Maps folder of BTS game.


    1. crazy_game_settings_mkd.jpg