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Crimson Skies 2016-10-05

In the early 30's, the United States began to brake up because of disease, isolationism, and prohibition. The final blow came with the Stock Market crash of -29. The first nation to seced from the United States was Texas, with Empire state (New York) and Hollywood (California) repeating it after a short while. Soon the entire US was breaking up, with the Federal Government powerless to stop it. For the entire story, check this site:

The Scenario begins in 1932, when the first great war broke out between the I.S.A & the People's Collective.

NOTE: The scenario is only on the preview stage. For more info, check the thread at CivFanatics forums:

If you can't open .rar files, you'll need winrar. Extracting is easy: Just drag & drop the files. Get it here

Please comment and give suggestions in the thread at the CivFanatics forums :)

You need to put the "Mods" folder inside the warlords folder itself, then it works.
So extract the Mods folder into C:\Program Files\Firaxis\Sid's Civ4\Warlords, and the Saves Folder into My Documents\My Games\Warlords.
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