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Cross and Crescent v2 for Test of Time 2016-10-05

Cross and Crescent v2 for Test of Time

  1. Catfish
    Bernd Brosing's Cross and Crescent scenario for FW/MGE converted to Test of Time.

    Europe, Anno Domini 955.

    The powerful empire of Charlemagne has split long ago, and its successors are only weak, threatened structures. While the Franconian empire as well as England suffers heavily from Viking raids, Germany trembles from continuing Hungarian invasions.

    In the east Byzantium, successor of Rome, is at the zenith of its power. But, bitter wars and long battles loom behind the horizon, especially with the Islamic Arabs, which, since the death of Mohammed in 632, have subdued almost the entire Middle-East in an unbelievable trail of conquest including North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula.

    The European kings must now secure their own power and get ready for the struggle between Christianity and Islam...

    [tot] Civilization 2: Test of Time version 1.1​
    • Extract the archive into your main Test of Time folder.
    • Run one of the 3 batch files (English, Franks or Germans) to complete the setup before playing.
    Save all games in the Cross and Crescent scenario folder.​

    Updated 01-Mar-2011:

    New version of Delevent.exe compiled for 32-bit Windows. This is a compatibility fix for 64-bit Windows. Thanks Keu.​


    1. tot_cnc_v2_map_6tT.png
    2. tot_cnc_v2_scene1_1Jn.png