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Cuban Marmon Harrington 2016-10-05

Well, first let me apologize for taking so long in making this unit. I got sidetracked by Poser and the European Swordsman. Sween, sorry it took so long, but it is finally here.

And, this unit will be my last tank/armored vehicle . . . for at least a while. What does that mean? I don't know exactly. I want to expirament with Poser for a while and see what happens there. Plus, tanks aren't getting much respect around here. ;) I know that not everyone feels this way, maybe just a vocal minority.

Well, here it is, a Marmon Harrington to serve as a Cuban tank flavor unit. I don't consider this tank my best unit, but I think it looks okay. Hopefully everyone who actually still downloads tank units will enjoy this one. :)

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As so well put in another game I play by one of the Generals in it "Tanks, I need more tanks!"
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